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PunBB 1.2 Installation

Forum upgrading

If there is no the patch for upgrading from 1.2.n to 1.2.m directly, you should upgrade forum step by step to version you needed.


The forums are located in ~/public_html/punbb/. The forums URL is Forum is using the MySQL database punbb_db with the users punbb_user and password punbb_pass. There are no mods or the modded files were not updated.

To upgrade forum from 1.2.15 to 1.2.20 version:

  1. Backup all your forum files and database:
    1. cd ~/public_html
    2. tar -czf ~/punbb.tgz punbb or download them all via FTP
    3. mysqldump -upunbb_user -ppunbb_pass punbb_db > ~/punbb_dump.sql or use other tool of your hosting provider
  2. Download the patches and place them in the parent directory of your PunBB root directory:
    1. cd ~/public_html
  3. Apply the patches:
    1. patch -ul -d punbb -p2 < punbb-1.2.15_to_1.2.17.patch
    2. patch -ul -d punbb -p2 < punbb-1.2.15_to_1.2.17.patch
      • You will maybe have to manually resolve some conflicts, if there still were some modifications in the files being patched.
  4. Download and unpack the forum release archive, copy the file 12_to_1220_update.php from extras to the root of your forum and open 12_to_1220_update.php in your browser. Remove it when the database upgrade is finished:
    1. cd ~
    2. tar xzf punbb-1.2.20.tar.gz or do this locally on your computer
    3. cp extras/12_to_1220_update.php public_html/punbb/ or upload it via FTP
    4. Visit Follow the instructions.
    5. rm public_html/punbb/12_to_1220_update.php


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