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PunBB support

Official support

The official support is English only.

  1. Search the wiki (see the bar on the left).
  2. Start new topic in PunBB Forums.
  3. Contact to the member of PunBB development team.

International support

International support is always unofficial support. There is a large variety of support web sites for PunBB available in other languages. Here's a selection of non-English support sites for PunBB.

Please note that the web sites listed below are unofficial support sites for PunBB. They do not represent the PunBB project or any of its developers in any way.

Language Local PunBB community PunBB wiki
Bulgarian (Българин) PunBB Bulgaria
Czech (Češka) PunBB CZ & SK
French (Français)
Finnish (Suomi) /wiki/fi/
German (Deutsche)
Italian (Italiano) PunBB Italia
Polish (Polski)
Russian (Русский) PunBB Russian /wiki/ru/
Turkish (Türkçe) PunBB Türkiye

Feel free to add your own international support forum.

If you languagecode doesn't appear top of every page (en, fi, etc.), and you want it there, please contact some PunBB developer.

See also

1) Sometimes Google search is most useful to find what you need at PunBB site.

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