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PunBB SVN repositories

Our project uses SVN to store the forum core or extensions. Also, it allows to trace changes in the code and have different versions of a forum or extensions.

Now we have two repositories:

  1. Official - for the forum core and official extensions.
  2. Unofficial - for styles, language packs, mods for PunBB 1.2, 1.3 developed by third-party developers.

Everybody has got read access to repositories.

Official repository

The structure of the official repository is the following:

  • additions. Here you can find official extensions and styles.
  • punbb. This section contains 3 directories:
  1. trunk - current version (PunBB 1.3);
  2. tags - all releases are placed here;
  3. branches - here you can trace changes in development of other versions.

Unofficial repository

The structure of the unofficial repository is following:

  • punbb-1.2
    • langpacks
    • mods
    • plugins
    • styles
  • punbb-1.3
    • langpacks
    • mods
    • plugins
    • styles

If you want to share langpacks, mods, etc. with the community, you can add them to the unofficial repository. But before that you need to get an account with writing permissions. To do this, send an e-mail ( or or pm via Forum (to Slavok or to Parpalak) with a request of password to the unofficial repository.

Using repositories

How can I get the svn version of a forum, an extension, a style etc.?

Windows platform

If you are Windows user you can use TortoiseSVN. After installing it, create a new directory, click on it with your right mouse button and select Checkout menu item of the pop-up menu. Enter the URL of the repository and click “Ok” button.

*nix platform

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