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PunBB 1.2 Installation

Forum upgrading

You can download upgrades from or If there is no patch for upgrading from 1.2.n to 1.2.m directly, you should upgrade forum step by step to version you needed. Here is instructions how to upgrade forum from 1.2.15 to 1.2.20 version:

  1. Every upgrade include 3 steps:
    1. replace all files with files in directory <FORUM_VERSION>/upload;
    2. copy file 12_to_12*_update.php from <FORUM_VERSION>/extras to root of your forum, if it exists;
    3. run file 12_to_12*_update.php
  2. Upgrade your forum to 1.2.16, than to 1.2.17 and to 1.2.20.

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