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PunBB 1.3 language packs

You may download PunBB 1.3 language packs here. Or start a translation if the pack for your language is not present.

Language Download link Translators list Forums topic link
Bengali (বাংলা) (external) TRIVUz discussion
Bulgarian (Български) Android BG
Brazilian Portuguese (Português do Brasil) none yet (0% translated)
Czech (Čeština) / Czech Community discussion
Danish (dansk) (NB: no stopwords, admin-only pages not translated) localhost Discussion
Dutch (Nederlands) (No installation translation) Nique discussion
Dutch (Nederlands) none yet (40% translated) Bor discussion
Finnish (Suomeksi) Olli discussion
French (Français) (59% translated) / user part 100% shushi sephii/ kyarha
Français (French) xdu bedroom discussion
German (Deutsch) / phreazer discussion
Hungarian (Magyar) punbb-hu berVi discussion
Italian (Italiano) none yet (90% translated) Italian Community discussion
Japanese(日本語) iobataya discussion
Korean (한글) PHPKorea discussion
Latvian (Latviski) Ivar & Andis discussion
Lithuanian (Lietuviškai) none yet (40% translated source on github) Pacifists
Polish (Polski) Polish community discussion
Russian (Русский) Russian community
Simplified Chinese AntGPS
Slovenian (Slovensko) (user part only) teva & ... discussion
Slovak (Slovenčina) / CZ / SK Community discussion
Spanish (Español Internacional) elpopi rod750 disscusion
Swedish (Svenska) (100% translated user part, 15% admin) trassel discussion
Traditional Chinese coolhd discussion
Turkish (Türkçe) none yet (70% translated) a.ozkaya
Ukrainian (Українська) vart discussion

Feel free to add yourself to the translators list. Put the link to your Forum profile or e-mail please. Keep packs in alphabetical order (by English name of the language). You may add the native language name in parenthesis (e.g. Russian (Русский)).

Please note! If your language translation is already started, DO NOT start it again!

Use wiki file uploading feature to publish (or update) the language pack1). Please, DO NOT add new versions of the same language pack. Just OVERWRITE existing file.

The language pack file naming standard is punbb-1.3-language.zip2) and contain one folder named Language3), where language is the name of your language in English. E.g. containing folder Russian with language files in it.

See also

1) note :punbb13:lang: wiki namespace for the language pack files
2) all letters are lowercase
3) first letter is capitalized

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