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Polls (pun_poll)

PunBB 1.3 official extension

  • Status: Under development
  • Current version: none

General idea

Allow users to create/vote in polls on a topic creation/viewing page.


On a topic viewing page:

  • A poll form is shown, if a user did not vote.
  • Poll results are shown, if a user voted.
  • A poll form is not shown, if an answer is absent, or there are no answers.

On a topic creation form the following fields are added:

  • Poll question
  • Possible answers
  • Poll duration in days
  • Number of votes

When editing a topic, a user can change some parameters, or remove a poll completely.

On the “admin/options.php?section=features” page the “Poll settings” box is added, containing the following items:

  • Disallow revoting
  • Maximum number of votes
  • Disallow seeing results until voted

For each user group the following parameter is set:

  • Allow users of this group to vote in the poll


Trac ticket: #28

Not work:

  • button “Submit opinion”
  • altering the number of votes in a poll on topic creation


  • markup/styles
  • approve all the messages/text strings
  • arrange comments (use your brain and approve translation too)
  • name variables

Feature requests

Please, add your requests here.

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