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Improved quote (pun_quote)

PunBB 1.3 official extension

  • Status: beta
  • Current version: 2.0b

General idea

  • Allow user to select the part of the message to quote and other quoting improvements.


  • pun_quote 1.0
    • Click “Quote” link to use standart reply form.
    • Quote the whole message or just a part of it.
      • If there is no text selected, a whole post will be quoted.[quote=Post Author]whole message[/quote].
      • If user has selected a part of the text, it will be copied to the reply form separately.[quote=Post Author]selected text[/quote].
    • Select the text you want to quote right in a topic view.
  • pun_quote 2.0
    • If “Quick Post” is enabled:
      • For the post in topic view, replace “Quote” with “Reply” (just a text), keeping it working as it is in pun_quote 1.0.
      • Add the “Quote” action, on click:
        • If no text selected, copy the [quote=Post Author]whole message[/quote] to the “Quick Post” field.
        • If user has selected some post text, copy the [quote=Post Author]selected text[/quote] to the “Quick Post” field.
      • E.g, see (log in to be able to post).


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