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Improved quote (pun_quote)

PunBB 1.3 official extension

  • Status: stable
  • Current version: 2.0

General idea

  • Allow user to select the part of the message to quote and other quoting improvements.


pun_quote 2.1

Mechanism of quoting * Posts of the topic are stored at the viewtopic page in the JavaScript array. * “Quick post” link.

  • Initial post is cleared from all symbols, except letters and numbers.
  • If a selected text is inside a cleared post, the extension only quotes this selected text, if not - the whole post.
  • If JavaScript is disabled, standard quoting mechanism will redirect the user to the reply form.

* “Reply” link.

  • Implements the standard quoting mechanism.
  • Even though JavaScript is disabled, this link is displayed on the page.


  • When message starts with [quote]test[/quote] other text and no text selected, on Quick Quote click the message pasted into Quick reply form is incorrect. — Anatoly 2008/11/18 06:46 — fixed
  • Quick quote is including the user's signature into the quote (forums post). Maybe actually similar to previous bug. — fixed
  • If pun_quote is enabled, then those who have javascript disabled can not quote at all. (Forums post by 8k84) — fixed
  • Reply to post is broken, when URL rewriting is enabled. (Forums topic by hcgtv) — fixed
  • If the whole message is citing BB-codes are ignored. — Denis 2008/12/2 17:50 — fixed

Feature requests

  • The selected text is always added to the end of Quick Post, but it would better add it just at the current cursor position. — Anatoly 2008/11/26 07:01


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