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External authentication / Single sign-on


Add single sign-on to your forum. External authentication is a pair of extensions, which in combination, allow you to integrate PunBB into an existing site which has a user management system or CRM. It will make PHP calls to code of your choice (to define $username), and will auto-generate a user in the PunBB tables.

  • External authentication (external_auth) - Allows authentication of users based on external script. Any currently logged-in user ($username defined) from your CRM will auto-generate a user in Flux/Pun. This script will run some code that links with our CRM, and then defines PHP code to set $username.
  • Alternative header (alt_header) - Replaces the FluxBB header with a custom version, with slightly adjusted layout. This is useful if the login/logout is part of your main site template and does not need to appear in the PunBB header also.

Bugs & Limitations

  • The extension is one-way from your CRM to PunBB, based on $username. If a user changes their username, they will not be able to edit their old posts.
  • It may be preferable to combine the two extensions
  • The extensions fail on PunBB 1.3.1

Notes & History

  • Version 0.9 - July 2008. Credit Designed by Michael Douma, Written by Connorhd. This version worked with the FluxBB 1.3 dev. They fail on both FluxBB v718, and also PunBB 1.3.1


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