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If you want this so badly, you may just create an additional option in manifest.xml - for instance, "class_extension" - then add the desired code to the file extensions.php, specifying that if this constant exists and contains the title "system", then the links to enabling/disabling/deleting the extension should not be shown.
That is all you need to do.

You can write that extension yourself.
You need to process the moment when a message is added to the database, count the quantity - and if the quantity fits the one you specified (or this constant is specified in administrator's options), you add the desired rights or change user's rank, depending on the number of messages.


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It will probably be easier for you to add the desired piece of code to the forim's core.
In this case, it will be impossible to deactivate or delete it.


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You should write the function, that keep you logged in.
The code, which you perform, is only the web page appearance.

Inside or above the code box?


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You get this error if you input both fields.
These options are for limited voting; that is, a voting can be restricted by only one criterium.
If the error appeared in some other case, please describe your actions thoroughly.

The extern.php file is responsible for the output of the "RSS/ATOM" page.
There are output options condition blocks at the top of the page. The $action variable is used as the option.
In each block that describes the output type there is a database query that selects topics.
You only need to add an indication that messages are selected too; process the data and pass the value on to the corresponding function

What version have you installed? And could you please send to me the value of record named 'o_cur_version' from your table config?

Perhaps, it is not the validate_manifest function, because it only contains checks, without a single line about changing the array of extensions. Your problem, I take it, is that the array of extensions is not output.

Did you, by any chance, change any of these files: extensions.php, xml.php or functions.php?


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Which MySql version have you got installed? If your version is less than 3.22, that is exactly the error you would get, because the keywords "IF EXISTS" are used starting with the version 3.22.


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RB wrote:

If I come from 'mysite.com/news/1' (which is 'mysite.com/?news&id=$1' in dynamic form) the redirect_url transforms to 'mysite.com/index.php?news&id=1&login=1' which leads me to 404.
I do not let users to load any php-files from my server unless it's a '/punbb/*.php'. As a result, I do not understand why 'index.php' (and '&login=1', too) appears in the redirect_url in that case.

That is correct. When you specify "mysite.com/?news&id=$1" in a dynamic form, you omit the part of page's name which goes before the question mark. The forum guesses the main page itself, that is "index.php", and regards the rest as parameters.
Try changing "mysite.com/?news&id=$1" for "mysite.com/news/?id=$1" or something similar, to make the forum reload to where required.


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Could you check please the file <FORUM_ROOT>style/Oxygen/Oxygen.css in the line 1347?

You should see this:

.brd .txt-set textarea {
    width: 95%;


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fantasma wrote:

Hello this version not work for me, when i add a poll in a post, not show after that i add new post.

Could you please describe the problem? Do you see any errors when you add a poll to a post?
And what version have you installed?

You can use the function generate_navlinks() in the file include/functions.php. This function generates the main menu. If you need to display the admin menu, you should use the function generate_admin_menu($submenu) in the file include/common_admin.php.

Also, if you are interested, you can read the file common.php lines 173 and from 273 to 300.

ridgerunner wrote:

For example, To emphasize something, sandwich it with _underscores_ to produce: underscores. To make something bold, sandwich it in *astericks* to produce: astericks.

But if you write the string


your tags will be disabled and you will only see normal strings, not in bold...
If you add this features to the next version, then it will be created! smile


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lostinfuture wrote:
Slavok wrote:

New version of pun_bbcode 1.3.2 has been released. Fixed the error with undefined variable, when BBCode is disabled in posts.

Доброе время суток! что то этот релиз расширения крашит работу форума. при заходе в ветку с включенным - пишет страница не найдена, при отключенном все норм ЧЯДНТ?

What do you mean? Could you, please, describe the problem?

Nice work. You have added many important BBcode tags.
But when I tested your extension, I found that tags were enabled only on one line, not on several lines.
The extension pun_bbcode supports this, and I can write tags on several lines.

If I understand you correctly, you want to upgrade PunBB from version 1.2 to version 1.3, right?
If so, then you should read the Wiki page about it http://punbb.informer.com/wiki/punbb13/ … _punbb_1.3

As far as I remember, two files are used when generating RSS: the first one is used for output, the second one generates the initial RSS page. DB connection is established during generation of the second file.

If I understand you correctly, you want newly added topics to be displayed at the top, right?
If so, then try sorting by column:

$sql_query = ' . . . ORDER BY last_post DESC';

In the 'topics' table, when you are picking topic information, there is that 'last_post' field, which stores the last post's time


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Did you, by any chance, change the contents of <FORUM_ROOT>./include/template/main.tpl?

When I examined the source of your forum's page, I found out that its end was missing the following lines:

<div id="brd-about" class="gen-content">
 <!-- forum_about -->


<!-- forum_info -->

<div class="hr"><hr /></div>

This can be the reason why the panel is not displayed.


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Try disabling extensions one by one, instead of disabling them all at once. This way, you will figure out the one that does not work.


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Version 1.2.21 is most stable to use. You may upgrade to this version.
But you can use version 1.3. There are 2 branches: 1.2 and 1.3. Version 1.3 is more modern.
Version 1.3.4 is most stable to use.


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You can try to resolve your problem by disabling unofficial extensions one by one.
This way, you can find an unfinished extension, which prevents other extensions from working correctly.


Please describe, what you have on Domain1.com and Domain2.com.
What do you need to have on Domain1.com and Domain2.com?


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I have done all the aforementioned.
I have had no problems with links. But when I looked at the created link, I found too many slashes in the link address and the name of the picture.
Did you edit the parser file? Did you install unofficial extensions?