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seikou wrote:

There was no error, just can't open the file after downloading sad

it can sound weirdly, but there can be a problem with the translation... I have had the same problem with the Uploader mod in punbb 1.2

the problem was, that i translated the mod into slovak language (with accents) and I saved the language file as utf8
and when I downloaded f.e. a .doc file, then I couldn't open it...
so don't save it as utf8 but replace the special characters with those combinations of letters (like in Dreamviewer)

I think he gave it up...

tokar86a wrote:

How can i translate the lang file to another language?

I haw trobel whit the Swedish å,ä and ö the not show.

Fr�n    �mne    Senast �ndrat

Only this.

For translation I use Dreamweaver (maybe in other design programs you can do the same). In DW, when I edit the content in the "front end", every letter with an accent (áäéüöő etc.) is automatically decoded in those combinations of letters in the source code (like KeyDog wrote).
I hope I explained it understandable...


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Is there a chance that will be released an official extension like the non-official calendar mod for punbb 1.2 ?


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wow, nice work, I have just installed the latest version and everything works fine... thx guys wink


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I am just wondering (again), when will be released the official version of this great extension... Slavok wrote on the end of april that only 2,5-3 weeks remain to the official release, and now we are almost in the middle of july...

fantasma wrote:

maybe i will wait the release of PunBB 2.0

wow, then you have to wait pretty much, I think big_smile
since 2003 this is only the 1.3 version of punbb...

I think he thought on an extension what makes punbb viewable also on cell phones... But I think nowadays the most of the cell phones support simple html/xhtml pages, so punbb is viewable already... now I am posting from a SE W890i f.e. ...

because the extensions are for 1.3 only and not for 1.2


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you can download this extension also from here:
http://www.keydogbb.info/dhtml/keydog-1 … angmod.php
there you can find all the extensions for 1.3


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I would have a request. I would like to see an option to send the attachment by e-mail. I mean if somebody uploads an attachment, a visitor maybe doesn't want to download it immediately, he/she just wants to send it to his/her mailbox or to a friend, who is not a member of the forum. There would be a field for the e-mail address(es) and a field for a short message. Is this possible?

how is it going? any news?


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Slavok wrote:

Adaptation for 1.3.3 and fixing bugs of the extension is in process now. The release of pun_attachment will take place in 2,5-3 weeks.

Nice, looking forward wink

SuperMAG wrote:


Question: Does it use HTML in the posts or BBCODE.

It uses BBcode as written in the description above...

It looks very nice smile
Very useful for those users, who don't even know how BBcode works...
Looking forward too big_smile


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There used to be a calendar mod for punbb 1.2:
It would be nice, to convert it into 1.3 extension...


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When will be released the final version of this extension? It's only beta yet, am I right?


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Hi guys!
I have just upgraded to 1.3, and this extension would be very very useful, but there is a strange bug, at least in the case of my forum... if I start a new topic with an attachment, the attachment of the first post doesn't appear... roll in the second and the next posts everything works fine, but only in the first post there is nothing... any idea, how to fix it? or any updates fixing this bug? or at least is here anybody, who has the same problem?
thx very much