And, as my signature now reveals - successful update of all three forums - excellent work there, Rickard! AGAIN!


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Photics wrote:

They're more likely to read the article if it is clickable...

If someone sends me an e-mail in plain text format, and writes "" - that becomes clickable in my mail-client... so it's really mail-client issue... no?

Rickard wrote:

Ooh, long time no see! I'm glad your back smile

BACK? - Ha, I've been here all the time - the trouble is:
PunBB is TOO good - never ANY problems, so no need to nag wink

Yes! Another one, brand new - ready to be filled up. Version? 1.2.9 of course.
Come look, if you too are wondering why school is such a failure... wink

The other fora (yes, that is plural of forum wink) are doing fine, and with the new addons like Backup - i will soon backup, update the server soft (from osx 10.3.7 -> 10.4), and do the restore thing! Backups, nah, never had to before! big_smile

I simply love PunBB - THANK you Rick!!!!

ameenullah wrote:

how to do that partition

i dont know, for that i guess you have to learn how to burn on pc

Macs read and pc-s can burn iso-9660 - use that.

i svenska texten står

Ange din signaturtext
En signatur är en liten text som inkluderas i slutet på dina inlägg.
I din signatur kan du skriva precis vad du vill. Kanske vill du skriva 
ner ditt favoritcitat eller ditt stjärntecken, det är upp till dig! 
I din signatur kan du använda BBCode-taggar om det är tillåtet i 
detta forum. Du kan se vilka specifika funktioner som är 
påslagna/tillåtna [b]ute i vänstermarginalen[/b] när du redigerar din signatur

det feta ska vara typ "här nedanför".

I second that, and can add:
? still exists in punBB 1.2.3
? same browser as above
(otherwise - great work Rickard! 1.2.3 so sweet)

edit: when resizing browser window a tad, while seeing the 2gap" snaps away the problem. Probably bug in Safari wink


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1.2 klar!!!!!!

Why not have a choice in user Profile?
(it would not make punBB slower/bigger...)

"_blank" is not javascript - what do you see as a problem there?

anyone think tabbed browsing will become browser standard, so it can be included in w3org standards, as a new html-function?

- i do not want to sound like i am bickering - but as a normal browser person, i would like to prevent both "bads"; getting link in same window, thus leaving "original" page, AND getting a new window - i can prevent both by getting link into new tab. i do still miss the option in Profile, and cannot see why it would be "bad"...

where did it go?
i thought it was in personal prefs...dont see it...
clicking a non-punBB-related link should open a new window, no?
(i open in a new tab, but thats another story)

Just can't fathom how not to go with osx server...
Read this, pure joy:


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if it takes another day or a few more weeks - fine.
we have waited so long, and 1.2 will be so great, a few more weeks is fine!

i hope rickard takes ppl's eagerness as compliments only, and not as stressful disturbance wink

we're rooting for you, rickard!


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Connorhd wrote:

really really messed uyp in firefox, but looks cool in IE

Fine in Safari (mac)

snapsolutions wrote:

I like the first one better wink

OK - take your pick, votes now accepted wink;)

1. The present one

Linking to any of these for your own avatar use is fine wink

snapsolutions wrote:

Btw interesting news here

Our travels from server to server have nothing to do with operating systems... >snip< We probably will hit one or all of them again in the future.

My guess is that Macers are not biased, except against win-tel wink

Rickard wrote:

I kind of miss the old image though. People having their own picture as an avatar is quite uncommon smile

Hope this one is ok wink

XuMiX wrote:

Almost done the thing smile check it out smile

clicking "website" in your signature...something wrong there... wink

In case anyone interested in a snapshot of my activities atm: (just for curiosities sake)

[MischasPowerBook:~] mischa% top -u
Processes:  76 total, 2 running, 74 sleeping... 234 threads            22:59:49
Load Avg:  0.50, 0.41, 0.50     CPU usage:  12.4% user, 30.1% sys, 57.5% idle
SharedLibs: num =  124, resident = 40.9M code, 3.27M data, 13.0M LinkEdit
MemRegions: num = 13550, resident =  292M + 16.0M private,  175M shared
PhysMem:   110M wired,  359M active,  427M inactive,  897M used,  126M free
VM: 5.99G + 85.6M   216532(0) pageins, 128626(0) pageouts

 3095 top         27.9%  0:47.28   1    16    26   612K   476K  2.45M  27.1M
  959 Terminal     4.2%  8:16.49   4    76   169  2.12M+ 15.1M  16.0M+ 99.9M+
  551 Safari       3.6%  9:36:39  19   891  1272   131M  52.8M   133M   575M 
  186 WindowServ   1.8%  3:18:33   3   804  1052  16.7M- 73.0M  85.3M-  176M-
 1776 iCal         1.2% 49:44.37   4   114   497  13.0M  21.6M  31.0M   117M
 3089 Wish Shell   1.2%  0:45.05   3    81   345  9.68M  19.7M  22.8M   163M
    0 kernel_tas   0.6%  1:53:25  36     2  2468  18.1M     0K  95.9M   758M
  348 SystemUISe   0.6% 18:13.12   4   152   321  2.64M  24.9M  13.9M   112M
  366 Konfabulat   0.0%  1:45:43   2    69   132  1.51M  13.2M  12.8M  94.8M
  465 KDXClient    0.0% 97:18.35   5   203   217  3.46M  38.1M  24.9M   137M
 2078 iTunes       0.0% 85:24.73   5   451   390  15.5M  33.7M  26.9M   166M
   90 configd      0.0% 53:31.10   3   158   207   568K  1.45M  1.07M  29.5M
  364 Konfabulat   0.0% 32:25.71   2    72   132  2.11M  11.5M  12.8M  95.4M
  383 MPlayer OS   0.0% 14:39.64   3    88   132  1.10M  11.6M  8.02M   101M
  359 USBOverdri   0.0% 12:52.99   2    74    83   432K  7.09M  5.88M  77.8M
 3021 Mail         0.0%  8:53.23   9   182   383  20.2M  35.6M  60.9M   164M
  367 Konfabulat   0.0%  8:36.96   2    69   125  1.36M  11.6M  12.8M  93.6M
  345 Dock         0.0%  7:39.25   3   141   216  1.43M  14.5M  13.9M  88.7M
  357 LaunchBar    0.0%  6:19.02   2    69   177  2.65M  12.4M  14.2M  98.2M
  122 update       0.0%  5:59.95   1     9    15    16K   372K    80K  17.6M
    2 mach_init    0.0%  3:58.91   2   364    17   168K   392K   260K  18.2M
  476 TextEdit     0.0%  3:37.79   4   130   268  4.43M  33.4M  23.5M   124M
  228 AquaMonSer   0.0%  3:02.95   3    49    74   436K  1.55M  5.39M  53.2M
  525 Address Bo   0.0%  1:54.77   2   102   171  2.28M  15.6M  19.4M  97.8M
  314 automount    0.0%  1:51.99   3    71    40   268K   960K  4.05M  29.1M
  372 SecurityAg   0.0%  1:50.39   3    84   141  1.98M  13.4M  14.5M  97.8M
  287 ntpd         0.0%  1:25.88   1    10    18   104K   468K   612K  17.9M
 2086 iChatAgent   0.0%  1:19.99   5    73   125  2.70M  3.10M  5.39M  48.0M
 3051 iChat        0.0%  1:09.04   8   301   409  6.64M  34.8M  34.7M   159M
  368 YKBackgrou   0.0%  1:07.06   2    58    87   616K  7.19M  7.79M  85.1M
  251 cupsd        0.0%  1:06.50   1    11    30   640K   920K  1.67M  28.3M
  355 LittleSnit   0.0%  1:04.09   7   273   233  2.56M  24.3M  18.7M   112M
  189 ATSServer    0.0%  0:58.69   2    92   293  1.85M  20.7M  7.92M   153M
 2877 Finder       0.0%  0:55.29   2   122   315  7.15M  43.0M  22.7M   135M
  365 Konfabulat   0.0%  0:49.72   2    72   142  3.20M  12.4M  14.0M  97.2M
  120 netinfod     0.0%  0:42.91   1    10    29   128K   460K   312K  27.0M
  203 DirectoryS   0.0%  0:40.97   2    71   113   828K  1.62M  2.75M  31.5M
  195 loginwindo   0.0%  0:37.72   4   203   250  2.65M  23.4M  16.3M  96.8M
  360 Konfabulat   0.0%  0:35.51   7   115   303  2.29M  30.3M  18.0M   132M
 2498 QuickTime    0.0%  0:34.50   3   262   224  5.24M  25.8M  22.3M   116M
  317 automount    0.0%  0:30.62   2    29    27   104K   892K   672K  28.3M 
Rickard wrote:

mi: I've already expressed that I like Macs and that I would love to have one.

I understand that, i guess i got carried away wink - and there are others enjoying the "show", it seems.

Rickard wrote:

If I have to wait 15 seconds for Photoshop to start up, I'm lost smile

Which is why i don't quit apps wink

Rickard wrote:

Isn't it odd that iChat has the brushed metal look? It's in "violation" of Apple's own Human Interface Guidelines.

Hmm...I ran thru that page, and don't see what you see about violation...iChat really works well with brushed metal, and the guidelines speak of using both. Brushed when it "Provides an interface for a digital peripheral, such as a camera, or an interface for managing data shared with digital peripherals?iPhoto or iSync, for example." - which iChat also does. o well

Rickard wrote:

I wouldn't dare walk into an Apple store. I'd end up spending way too much money.


Hope my new avatar shows up.
Hope you stay the way you do, as you have created the most excellent BB.
Hope you have a wonderful christmas, and that the finalizing of punBB 1.2 goes well - don't let platform discussions slow you down wink wink

And for the rest of you all, i must express this: To me, it is a very pleasant experience to "be" among you all like this - cuz there seems to be no hostility or flaming pride here - Here, things seem to be all about what it really is about, which i respect and value so much. Thank you smile


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same here, one hour behind.

ShawnBrown wrote:

Maybe he is a professional mac salesman smile

Nope. I am in the publishing business. And, sorry to say, our company is still using the archaic os9, but successfully producing around 400 pages/week total, for six magazines/papers. 2005, i believe the company will move on to OS X though.
(Guys, i feel embarassed now, i think i have to change my avatar...seeing it too much... wink )

snapsolutions wrote:

I've tried Mac myself few years ago and didn't like it at all, but I am ready to give another shout smile

A few years ago = probably before OS X = before *nix = NOW is the time to test a Mac wink

Rickard wrote:

mi: You run OSX on a G4, 400 mhz? My brother has the same processor in his Powerbook and I find it unbearably slow. I guess I'm spoiled. If my browser doesn't startup within a fraction of a second, I start to think there's something wrong with the computer smile

It seems to me - and it is my definite experience - that i get more wonderful things done with my "slow" computer than any of my pc friends, no matter how fast a processor they have. Why? Very simple answer/s:
? Everything just works, and is so beautifully well integrated, and most things are made with the same idea www-designers strive for: FEW clicks with consistent disign. And not least; "the attention to detail" - Apple/Mac software is so esthetically and functionally well put together, this is really a strong selling point.
? What takes "forever" to do on a PC (because of comparatively poor integration of both soft- and hardware, a multitude of "properties of properties of properties", inconsistent behaviour/design of most apps, etc), takes so much less time on a Mac, the important factor is not the MHz. (Most the time, sitting by any modern puter is idle time, from the processor's point of view, anyhow.)
? Also, the powerPC gets about twice as many things done compared to the same MHz Intel processor, on a technical level.
? Also, the unix/bsd/freebsd multitasking/multi-processor support/protected memory etc, is so well implemented by almost all Mac apps, for me this means i can do so many things at once (burning a dvd-r while editing more dv-movies, while the whole internet-server runs, while importing lots of large digital images from camera, while video-chatting in iChat..... like i said earlier). And no crashes or hangs.
? The memory handling on a Mac is really sensational. I very seldom quit an app. Good "sleeping" apps dont use any processor time, and its memory is used by "awake" apps if needed. The interface is very adapted for this, no cludgy task-bar...etc.
? A modern Mac starts at 1.25 GHz and much faster bus speeds/memory etc. A semi-professional starts with dual 1.6 GHz processors. The soft- and hardware it is equipped with, compared to a good quality PC with the "equivalent" soft- and hardware...price about the same, today. Then again, in reality, you get much more done, more efficiently and with better results, on a Mac.
? ROI - you know the term - Return Of Investment, in report after report from e.g. Gartner Group, show the above to be true. Wish i had all the links to this now, but i am not a mac-evangelist, you know wink - rather a Macoholic wink

On the game scene, i have concluded this thru the years:
? Large base on PC, most development resources spent on that platform, gives "better" games (which is not the case with professional apps as much, because Mac already has its niches in the media/multimedia/educational world).
? Apple really does not support the massive game industry. Why not? Well...and this is probably quite controversial...The game scene is to a very large degree shoot/kill/blood/violence...and inasmuch this is a reflection of "bad karma", Apple chooses to support other things, which reflect "good karma". (Please don't hate me for saying this, but it is a very much problematic thing, the game scene, when it comes to boys' exposure to violence etc. New Zeeland just the other day forbid a very new PC game due to its bloody and violent nature, and would fine any retailer who sold it by hundreds of thousands of their currency...
Anyway, there are some very good games for mac, some only on that platform - but games is really not my bag, so...then again, i know a number of devout maccers who use a pc just for games...o well...

Hope i have not expressed to many subjective and emotional things about using a Mac. But then again, using a Mac is very often about much of that, and it would be wrong to neglect that from a comparison. Apple is determined in their goal for their OS - it should be a pleasurable and seam-less user experience - and to a very large degree, they have really succeded, thanks to (among many things) unix/freeBSD/BSD - on the server os called "open source made easy".

One more thing - the Apple GUI for all underlying *nix processes, to some may seem like it would "lock you up" in a pre-defined box and way/method of using the machine. But this is in no way the case. My *nix friends on Macs have just as much possibilities to do *nix stuff as on a bona fide *nix box. I am not one of them, but i have seen amazing things done by them on command line level, tweaking and configuring stuff that would take me another life-time to master. As a small example, i ran some unix code to be able to play any divx/avi/mpg in the command line terminal window! Amazing it was, as all them ascii and other characters representing shades of gray flew around, while the stereo sound blasted out - it was kindo like watching a movie in braille for the blind! smile

Hopefully, while out shopping christmas-presents for friends/family/self, you will find some time to go to some Apple Store in Stockholm (Birger Jarlsgatan and Sveavägen has a few)...i donno where your location is wink - and touch and feel the new PowerBooks/iMacs/PowerMacs... When i visit those stores, I definitely have to bring a lot of hancerchiefs, because i drooool so i am one poor maccer with 5-6-yr-old machines... wink


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In Sarafi (mac) - command-click link - it opens in new tab
With other tabbed browsers, i would think the same is possible, no?