FWIW, I did what my second post in this topic sez, and it worked OK, but I eventually overwrote the changes upgrading.

Wow, this mod has progressed a lot since that first page. Originally I was going to have a friend of mine code an arcade from scratch, but he's been busy lately. (*eye rolling*

Is ango and dharmil's links in their sigs the same copy? And what is with the Arcade at punres? I'm leaning towards this mod since it seems there are a lot of games already included.. Guess I'll just muck around and see for myself. wink

Any chance of there being an e-mail notification option with this mod? Thanks. Love it otherwise.

Changing the indexing to on does not seem to turn it on, since I just re-uploaded the whole plug-in.

But, before when I was using indexing (by just adding the code you posted above), there was a bug ? whether or not the first letter was capitalized affected the indexing.

For example:



That's nicer, great thx!

I followed your directions, but keep getting errors. First it was 500 errors, my error log said it was because "file is writable by others." Changing permissions to 664 or 666 gives me a new, punbb error:

Warning: ob_start(): output handler 'ob_gzhandler' cannot be used twice in /home/whitema/public_html/bbs/include/functions.php on line 930
An error was encountered
Error: Impossible de sélectionner les jeux.


HMM. Any chance of the links being categorized and sorted by subject?

Works fine with PunBB 1.2.10

Is this working with 1.2.10? I can't get it to install, although it's giving me a "The constant PUN_ROOT must be defined and point to a valid PunBB installation root directory." error, which I don't understand at all.

Well, it sort of was, but yeah, I won't complain.

Now I'm thinking about using the existing code for avatars, and move the code for displaying it to the sig area. I'll put different size restrictions on (prolly 400x60 & 40kb), and rename every instance where the user sees 'avatar.' Are there any problems I'll run into or should it go smoothly?

Sounds like the redirect link is linking to the topic as "/viewtopic?=pid###" (instead of /viewpoll). I noticed that after I post on a poll topic, it will bring me back to the topic without the poll. By going to viewtopic.

Right now, I have the img tag enabled in the sig area, which I'm uncomfortable with, since I have no control over the size of the pics. I would like it better if users had to upload their sig pics to my server, so that I could have size limits on them. I was looking around and the latest attachment mod seems like too much for what I need. A quick search found this other one, called UploadMod, which seems more my speed. But I still wouldn't be able to mold it to my needs myself. Anyone willing to take a stab at it?

Mediator wrote:

1.1.1 has been released

Any chance you could help me figure out how to get this mod working 100% with my Mark Topics as Read mod?

Gardell wrote:

I get Bad HTTP_REFERER when trying to move a Poll. Using 1.2.5 and 1.1.0. Hmm..? hmm

Hm, me too. Also using 1.2.5 & 1.1.0.

K, I didn't completely figure it out roll

When I post in the poll topic, it marks it as read immediately. However whenever someone else posts in a poll topic, it stays red. Help?


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It sounds good enough for me. My current hosting (Illusionfxnet) is $25 a year, and I'm getting 550mb space, 20gb bandwidth and 10 MySQL databases. But I'm realizing that it's still too much bandwidth and space for my needs, thinking about switching to something like nearlyfreespeech.net, where you pay per gb of bandwidth / mb of space.

Anyways, yeah. One thing that annoys me, is that there are a lot of really cheap hosts out there nowadays. But there's no decent way to distinguish between them. They all promise 99.9% uptime, etcetera. But after five months, I've already had quite enough downtime to be somewhat dissatisfied with my current provider. If I were you, I'd stress the speed and uptime of the hosting. Unless it's not speedy or up alot. wink

snoogly wrote:

but I do want it possible for anyone's email address be revealed by users emailing each other within the punBB interface.

Do or don't? wink

If don't, then in profile.php, try taking out the following code (around line 959):

                            <dt><?php echo $lang_common['E-mail'] ?>: </dt>
                            <dd><?php echo $email_field ?></dd>

And then, I think you'd be pretty much set. This bit of code in the profile doesn't show e-mail addresses initially. But when person A sends an e-mail, then the reciever sees A's e-mail address.. So it's not particularly visible or public. But yeah, whatever works best.

Mediator wrote:

Well with Easy Poll installed you will need to change it to work with your mark as read in two places once for the poll topics and once for the regular topics.

Anyone care to expand on this?


EDIT: I figured it out! I love that I'm starting to be able to fumble around in php and not completely destroy it! big_smile

Quick and dirty would be to open up viewtopic.php, find the line "// Now let's deal with the contact links (E-mail and URL)" (around line 250), and then remove the code following it:

            if (($cur_post['email_setting'] == '0' && !$pun_user['is_guest']) || $pun_user['g_id'] < PUN_GUEST)
                $user_contacts[] = '<a href="mailto:'.$cur_post['email'].'">'.$lang_common['E-mail'].'</a>';
            else if ($cur_post['email_setting'] == '1' && !$pun_user['is_guest'])
                $user_contacts[] = '<a href="misc.php?email='.$cur_post['poster_id'].'">'.$lang_common['E-mail'].'</a>';

If you didn't want them to be able to e-mail each other at all, it would require additional hacking around in the user profiles..

How does it work there shinko? I'm pretty sure we're on the same wavelength....

Yes it is. Just wanted to throw the idea out there. Sheesh tongue

shinko_metsuo wrote:

yeah I would not mind seeing something like a karma system on my forum.

Yes. Perhaps something similar to the Karma system at the forums at freeipodguide.com ( http://forums.freeipodguide.com ).

There, you can give/take karma from someone by clicking on the + / - under their avatar. You can only do this every couple of hours (maybe once daily?), and you can't do it to yourself.

It'd just be a little extra thing for people to play with. Ability to be abused, sure. But it's really meaningless in the scheme of things.

Yeah, I just found it..

That bit is from the css files for my blog. I was focusing entirely on the css files for the forum. Just caught that while fooling around with blog css.

Thanks wink


Tonight, I updated my PunBB (1.2.3 -> 1.2.5), used SpinkBB to edit the css, and manually added Mark Topics as Read 1.1.3.

No idea where along the line this happened, but after all is said and done, I'm not seeing the divider between posts and signature areas. It's a <hr> tag, which is there, and it is formatted in the css file. Thoughts? I'm at wits end.