Yeah... that good suggestions, but I think Mediator still working on it right now.. then you just have to wait for it right now...

2 months ago I recently using Poll Mod made by Connorhd, then Mediator launching Easy Poll... I begin to test it into my forum and the result is good eventhough the features not as good as Poll Mod.

So I decided to using it until now. And as far as I know I'm using almost all of Mediator's mod smile)
I give salut and thanks for all of his job and all of his time to making good mod for PunBB.

So all of you guys don't just give criticism to Mediators!!
I think support even in the form of words will very useful smile Keep the good work dude...


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15 in here in seconds or in minutes?

I've already try changing it into 600 by assumed that it's in seconds. But it still can't solve my problem.

Before I got this error I can send email smoothly, I don't know exactly what cause this problem.

Does anyone knows how to solve this problem? Thanks before for helping me...


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I got error this error when I try to sending email from the web page

Error: Could not connect to smtp host "" (110) (Connection timed out).

But when I sending using ms. Outlook it looks okay. Because from Outlook I can change setting for
Server Timeouts from 10 seconds to 10 minutes.

From Outlooks, Server Timeouts can access when editing the accounts,
and then goto -> "More Settings..." -> Tab "Advanced"

My question is how can I change that similiar setting for PunBB 1.2.3?? Please, is there anyone knows about it?

Wooww... it's cool.. nice avatars in there.
I think the size is too big so it slow down the page..
But it still cool to have it.. big_smile

Meet again Mediator.. but now at different side big_smile
After I get error at Poll Mod and since Connorhd stop to develop it, I turn my side to this poll.

I wondering, Mediator could you adopt the Admin plugin from Poll Mod which is can control how Guests & Members using the poll. I think it would be nice & offcourse more powerfull. I'll wait for the next versions.

after I take a look at the code I found answer for myself, don't know is this the correct one but It can fix.

at viewforum.php line 249 replace

$icon_text .= ' '.$lang_forum['Announcement'];

with this

$icon_text .= ' '.$lang_common['Announcement'];

then at moderateannouncement.php start line 153 replace

<ul><li><a href="index.php"><?php echo $lang_common['Index'] ?></a></li><li> » <a href="viewforum.php?id=<?php echo $fid ?>"><?php echo pun_htmlspecialchars($cur_topic['forum_name']) ?></a></li><li> » <?php echo pun_htmlspecialchars($cur_topic['subject']) ?></li></ul>

with this

<ul><li><a href="index.php"><?php echo $lang_common['Index'] ?></a></li><li> » <?php echo $lang_common['Announcements'] ?></li><li> » <?php echo pun_htmlspecialchars($cur_topic['subject']) ?></li></ul>

What do you think Mediator?

It works, the Announcement are there... with New bugs smile

- Notice: Undefined index: Announcement in ...../forums/viewforum.php on line 249

  I found when I try to view topic by clicking category.

and also bug at header of moderateannouncement.php

- Index » Notice: Undefined index: forum_name in ..../forums/moderateannouncement.php on line 153 » Global Announcement

I found when I try to "Delete multiple posts"

OK I try it now... just wait for my report Mediator big_smile

could not paste the full thing Smartys, don't know why something cover it. I'm newbie in php so sorry..!!

Ok then I'll wait for 1.05 but wait I found something...

when I saw at the DB tabel Topics at column forum_id it show that AP_Announcements.php don't send the correct number so it only fill with 0 (zero).

I hope that can help you finding the solutions... thanks anyway...

Ok so now you've already updates to 1.0.4, the Error page has gone. I see that the error cause by you use multi language at Admin plugin so when it call the language (which is none) it goes to the Error page. Is that right? wink

But it still has a bug on it, Notice: Undefined variable: forum_id in ........

It looks like the problem at footer.php after

else if ($footer_style == 'viewforum' || $footer_style == 'viewtopic')

as an information, i also install Easy_Poll-1.0.6 and Colored_Usergroups-1.0.2 which is all made by you.

Please help me... thanks before..

I've already take a look at the demo, I think it's cool, have a lot of function.
But I've already install Poll Mod v1.3.0 by Connorhd, and it works fine at me.

I'm affraid if I change to this mod it will mess my forums, cause I need to uninstall before sad.
By the way how does this mod comparable with Poll mod? smile

I can't see the page because after Error:Page Not Found, it redirect to my hosting page. Is it has related with permissions? what could be wrong?

I like this mod and I've already translated in Indonesian. Where can I give it to you Gizzmo so everyone can enjoy?

Oh i see.. so this mod very cool but what about error that i get Page Not Found:404 ??
I've already upload all the file.

I still confuse what does this mod do. Link that Mediator give is already dead. Can you more spesific?
Although I still giving a try to install it. And there is a bug when I send the announcement.
It bring me to Http error:404. Anyone know whats wrong about it?

Sorry Connorhd it's all my mistake, I have wrong translate the language so it shown like that. All done.
I'm sending the new one.

Good job men.., I have try this mod for punbb 1.2.3, everything is ok until i test to send message.

I switch login into my "Testing" user, it said that No Messages, but when i see the inbox the message is in there.
How can I fix this?
Btw I have translated in Indonesian, where can I send it to you?