tobi -- this is fixed. the debug led me to a line in profile.php! dumb me ** i put one of the invitation mods in profile.php in the wrong place ! duh!!!

Yes -- i have also changed the default value from 0 to 1 for g_invitations.

tobi -- new users registering are complaining tha they get this error when editing profile:
Unable to fetch group invitations?

when i manually add invitation number to their profile, this error disappears.

Is this because there is no default value for Invitation number for user when registering?

pabb wrote:
Frank H wrote:

The "Last Post" column doesn't take into account the subforums, (there's one post in a subforum at 15:53, but the one posted in the 'forum' is what's shown and posted at 15:47)

At least in the demo forum wink

Other than that it looks nice smile

Tnx, I might fix that if I make a new release smile

pabb -- do you have the fix for this?
In addition to the above (last post in the parent forum), the last post link in the subforum is showing this: ...viewtopic.php?pid=#p i.e. the post id (pid) is not fetched resulting in bad link.

These really cripple the forums links..

Gizmo -- probably i missed this, but does this mod suppose to show "Today's birthday: xxxxx" in the index forum? If not, how to get this done using this mod?


wow.. thats a huge sig!

if i want to maintain the v1.2.1 layout, what needs to be changed in message_list.php?

This is really cool.. saves the time re-editing the posts when [i]hello[i] happens smile

Replika -- simple really.

a) with easy bbcode+smiley plugin installed, i just add a script to call more smileys using javascript. in all quickpost/post/edit files (viewtopic.php, edit.php, post.php) at the areas where the original smileys are located, i just added this script:

<a href="javascrip:null()" onclick="'smiley.php', 'smilies', 'width=300,height=500,resizeable=yes,location=no,scrollbars=yes,status=no');qpe.focus();return false">See more smilies</a>

b) i copied help.php to a new file called smiley.php, and deleted all the other non-smiley contents. insert this javascript in the header:

<script language="javascript">
function add_smiley(z){

c) add this somewhere in smiley.php when the smiley data is being read from mthe database

echo ' '.$lang_help['produces'].' <a href="javascript:void(0)" onclick="add_smiley(\' '.$cur_text.'\'); return true;"><img src="img/smilies/'.$cur_img.'" alt="'.$cur_text.'" border="0" /></a><br />'."\n";

So when a user click on "See more smilies", a popup window of smiley.php will open up, and a click on each smiley will send the ascii code to the post textarea.

hope that helps.

using 1.2.8 with coppermine 1.4beta.
seems all fine so far.


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wong -- posted from email?


(15 replies, posted in PunBB 1.2 discussion)

include the reply form in the email to the subscriber, and format it so that the reply can be done i email?  only html email.
havent tried it.. but this could be a simpler way.

wow.. this is cool

for now i am using this which prevented the ghost link.

message($lang_attach['Error Message'],1);

Frank H wrote:

well ... there's no such strings in the attachment lang files

Either write your message in there (easiest if you only have one language, just replace $lang_attach['Not allowed to post attachments'] with 'your errormessage' ), or add the appropiate lines in the lang files as the other stuff in there is written, somehting like this:

'Not allowed to post attachments' => 'what you want to say'

its working now..
but i found other thing > with the error msg in place, whenever a post is made with unallowed attachmet, post will be posted but then it become a ghost post i.e. when clicked, it says bad link or no longer available. i have to then manually take out the topic from mysql.

any way to put the error msg being inserted as part of the post itself?

uncommenting the error() part does NOT work, lang reference is available.
no error msg is shown :-(

Tobi wrote:

Either that or you didn't install correctly.
I do not know the attachment mod so it may be..... but I hope it's just a mistake you made.. wink

it took me 90 mins to find out i missed that one comma in the language file!
works great on 1.2.7 with attachment mod as well.

btw, if i upload a picture in a post, and make another post with the same image filename (may happen when users upload different file but same filename), how to prevent broken images when one of the posts is deleted? randomized filename?

anyway thanks for a great mod.

I saw in the readme.txt that this preview button was commented out -)

OMG!!!! I installed this and now all i see is a blank page!
Debug mode on doesnt show anything.

I am using Attachment MOD. Conflict?

Tobi: I get this when in group admin i tried to set 50 invitation for "All groups". No error if doen individually for each group.

Warning: ob_start(): output handler 'ob_gzhandler' cannot be used twice in /data/4/0/51/132/214947/user/218384/htdocs/kadus/include/functions.php on line 945

An error was encountered
Error: Unable to fetch user information..

line 945 is within the error() function.

Tobi -- great!

How to automatically add number of invitations to a newly registered user i.e. default invitation number without being manually added?
Otherwise, if the invitation section in the profile would show just blank and some of my users think this could be an error.

or -- put a msg to tell the user that their invitation section is yet to be activated by admin?


how abt this?

// Can we or can we not post new topics?
if (($cur_forum['post_topics'] == '' && $pun_user['g_post_topics'] == '1') || $cur_forum['post_topics'] == '1' || $is_admmod)
        $post_link = "\t\t".'<p class="postlink conr"><a href="post.php?fid='.$id.'">'.$lang_forum['Post topic']."</a>\n";
        if ($is_admmod) 
        { $post_link .= "\t\t".'<BR /><a href="poll.php?fid='.$id.'">'.$lang_polls['New poll'].'</a></p>'."\n";}
    $post_link = '';

Ths should limit the post new poll to admin and the forum mod.

Frank, its in the post.php

        // Attachment Mod Block Start
        if (isset($_FILES['attached_file'])&&$_FILES['attached_file']['size']!=0&&is_uploaded_file($_FILES['attached_file']['tmp_name'])){
            //fetch the rules for this forum for this group
            $attach_result = $db->query('SELECT rules,size,file_ext FROM '.$db->prefix.'attach_2_rules WHERE group_id=\''.$pun_user['g_id'].'\' AND forum_id=\''.$cur_posting['id'].'\' LIMIT 1')or error('Unable to fetch attachment rules',__FILE__,__LINE__,$db->error());    
                $attach_rules=0; $attach_size=0; $attach_file_ext=''; // just some defaults to get the parser to stop nagging me if it's an admin :D
                //check so that the user is allowed to upload
                    // ok we're allowed to post ... time to fix everything...
                        error('Error creating attachment, inform the owner of this bulletin board of this problem. (Most likely something to do with rights on the filesystem)',__FILE__,__LINE__);
                    // no output ... but if you want, enable this error (you really shouldn't need to as this will only happen if someone try to go around the restrictions
                    // error($lang_attach['Not allowed to post attachments']);
            else {
                // no output ... but if you want, enable this error (you really shouldn't need to as this will only happen if someone try to go around the restrictions
              // error($lang_attach['Error_Message']);
        // Attachment Mod Block End

how to make error msg to inform user that the extension is not allowed when submitting or when the file size is > max limit?

Great, u r right!
btw, for me - i added CHECKED in the html so all users would default to save the sent messages. tq