If the database needs upgrading, and the extension author specified upgrading code in the manifest, it'll be done. Else everything will be untouched apart from the hook code, which will simply be updated.

To upgrade it, you only have to go to install extensions, and then click the Install link. It'll upgrade the extension. There's no need to uninstall it first.

Don't bother, he rarely makes sense.

http://www.nationalheadquarters.org/for … config.php

Warning: Unexpected character in input: '\' (ASCII=92) state=1 in /home/.debilitate/gragasin/nationalheadquarters.org/formforumforem/config.php on line 2
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/.debilitate/gragasin/nationalheadquarters.org/formforumforem/config.php on line 2

Make sure you save it as non-UTF8 plain text.

That's odd tongue

Did you mess with z-index on postright perhaps?

Doubt it tongue

When all known bugs are fixed and all planned features and changes have been implemented, then it will go stable. There is no point in guessing. The release date is hugely dependent of the community that's supposed to find the bugs.


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You managed to upload the source files, yes? Then you can manage to install a style.


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You can change the style in the CSS files.

And indeed, PunBB is designed to be lightweight, not a piece of bloatware wink

It works fine on Windows.

Well, thing is, your database isn't giving an error message. So that's reason to believe it's your host.


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It are words that shouldn't be indexed for searching.


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Desc is a reserved keyword. Either escape it with backticks (`), or rename the column.


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Enable debug mode and pun_show_queries, then paste the full error message.

As far as I can see the reports on that site have all been fixed.

So you want to create an alias for extern.php? Seems rather useless, but yeah, just use cURL and send the right content headers.


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Chmod the cache folder and delete all the PHP files in it.

There are 10k more posts. If they're large posts, that can easily be done. UTF-8 might play a bit in there too.


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Make a post. Use an image tag. Put some text under it.

Can it be any easier?

That depends on the quality of the modifications.


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That's odd.
Try just modifying the templates to put in an image instead of a CSS background image. Then you can put an a tag around it.


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You could always add this to the extra navlinks in the admin CP:

<script type="text/javascript">document.getElementById('brdtitle').onclick = function() { window.location = 'http://reviewstash.com' }</script>

I imagine that could work.


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You could modify the links mod.

Yes, and you're brutally murdering my braincells with each post.