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Yes that is what I mean (sorry if i wasn't clear).

I don't know where the best placement is, I hacked it in to the breadcrumbs all over the place, wasn't pretty but it got the job done.

A better placement would probabably be somewhere in the header, above the "menu" but the right of "PunBB.org Forum" title above?


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I noticed a small problem in user behaviour, the category name is kind of "lost" when you enter a topic, or when you go by the search page, so a user that searches for something, might end up in a different support forum than he intended in the first place (ie support for wrong product). This has happend to us quite a few times now.

I hacked the category name in myself in all the places where the specific forum name appears, including the searchpage, might want to consider adding that to core.

Just a friendly suggestion.

Moxiecode Systems

A small update on this, ive moved out the Javascripts to an external JS file. Ive also added it to the quick reply area.

There are still some problems with the regexps, but only if you do overly-complex BBCode type posts.

The forum:

The external JS file:
http://tinymce.moxiecode.com/punbb/incl … gration.js

Please note that you still need to edit some of the PHP source.

Search for all instances (in the pages that are going to run the editor) that run the javascript function "process_form(the_form)" and replace it with submitForm(the_form).


I haven't made any nice mod package or anything, but I did a test implementation of TinyMCE for PunBB a while ago, and thought I should share it with you.

You can visit the forum at

If you go to "Post Reply" you can see a link to the right of "Smilies: on", where you can toggle TinyMCE on and off, and it converts between BBCode and HTML.

View the source of the pages to check out the Javascripts.

In the "viewtopic.php" page (if you use quickreply) there is no backend modifications, just added the scripts and replaced the "process_form(the_form)" with my own wrapper function "submitForm(the_form)".

On the "post.php" page however, there are some modifications to the source file, you need replace the "process_form(the_form)" that is "echoed" by PHP (ugh, sorry but thats ugly coding guys, USE TEMPLATE SYSTEM!).

On edit page, no changes to PHP source was neccesary.

Good luck.

Edit: Btw, please note that there is a known bug in Mozilla/Firefox that for some reason when WYSIWYG editors are used, meta-refresh doesn't work, so your users will have to click the link after they posted to be redirected. Dont blame us, blame Mozilla/Firefox dev team smile

You can get around it if you add a javascript to do the redirection instead of meta-refresh.


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Sorry for late answer, but you should really look into using a template system (Savant beeing my suggestion). Savant is quite simple and effective in seperating design and code. You still write everything in PHP, not a seperate template language as Smarty uses.

It just kills me to see open source apps like this that doesn't use a template system, its so ugly to need to hack inside the code to change the layout etc.


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One of my concerns are that you are not separating logic from design. Writing out HTML code with echo ""; type strings is really bad. I would suggest using a PHP template system such as Smarty or (my favorite) Savant.