Hej på er.

Driver ett forum för en World of Warcraft guild som jag är med i och jag har lite funderingar kring användargrupper och moderatorer.

Det är såhär att våra "guildledare" är satta som administratörer tillsammans med mig så de kan moderera i forumet, sätta trådar sticky, redigera användare och sätta folk i rätt grupper osv men nu har vi börjat med "klassledare" där 8 personer varav inte alla är guildledare helst ska vara moderatörer i en forumdel var.

Jag verkar inte kunna genomföra detta utan att dessa klassledare ligger i en användargrupp där de får tillgång till guildledarnas privata sektion.

Jag kan inte skapa en ny grupp som ärver några administrativa rättigheter, om jag skapar en ny grupp baserad på den grupp de redan är med i så kan jag inte välja att någon av dem ska vara administratör vilket blir lite av ett moment 22.

Är det någon som har något generellt tips till mig? smile

Om det är någon information jag varit för sparsam med för att kunna få hjälp, säg till så lägger jag till det.
Tack på förhand!

Ahh, thanks a bunch, I'll go try that out.

Mr Puto wrote:

At default there not able to..though its pretty easy to edit PunBB to make moderators do that. I did it once, but it wasn't that secure. I don't think I did it in the most safest way. Just edit this part of profile.php..

Ok, problem is i'm not at all good when it when it comes to php, so if you'd want to help me out a little more (perhaps even a lot) it'd be greatly appreciated.


I run a forum for a World of Warcraft guild and I want the leaders of the guild to be able to change peoples usergroups.
Moderators can't change it, and I can't find any option regarding it.
They can ban users, edit bans and change passwords (if allowed by the options) but they can't seem to change the usergroup of a user.

Does anyone know if i've missed an option or if it isn't possible?


Can this mod be used with 1.2.10 ? Hate to sit and add everything just to find out it doesn't work with that version sad

So, does anyone know?

EDIT: It didn't, but it does now smile

How do I use the moderatepoll.php ? The Readme-CHANGE.txt says:


View the readme file in upgrade-1.1.2-to-1.1.3

But the readme.txt in that folder only talks about a fix if the search.php isn't working.

hcgtv wrote:
Vikholm wrote:

Ok, by next visit you mean when i log on again the next time?

In the admin area, under options:

Visit timeout - Number of seconds a user must be idle before his/hers last visit data is updated (primarily affects new message indicators).

The default is 600 seconds on new installs. so the new indicators will stay lit for 10 minutes irregradless if you've read the thread. Rickard plans on changing this for 1.3.

What I do to read PunBB forums is this:
a) Click on: Show new posts since last visit - top right
b) Click [New posts] on each thread, read them, press the back button to read the next one, etc.

It took a little getting used to after using phpBB on other forums but I find PunBB to be quicker.

Ah ok, thanks for the reply.

Connorhd wrote:

Thats how PunBB works, unread posts stay highlighted until your next visit, it is being changed in 1.3

Ok, by next visit you mean when i log on again the next time?


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Hej på er.

Installerade punBB igår och körde tidigare med phpBB, allt är nu nästan klart och jag gör mig klar för att ta bort phpBB-forumet och skicka alla till det nya forumet istället, men det verkar vara nå vajsing med cookies på det nya forumet.

Igår märkte jag att även om jag hade läst trådarna så påstod den att det fanns en ny post oavsett hur mycket jag uppdaterade, klickade och ctrl+F5 så då klickade jag på "mark all topics as read", då försvann indikationen. Problemet är att nu syns ingen indikation även om det är en ny post någonstans.

Hittar ingenting om inställningar för cookies i administrationspanelen.
Har skrivit här http://punbb.org/forums/viewtopic.php?id=9635 om detta med, den där tråden var min "hjälp mig så jag inte klantar till det"-tråd innan jag installerade forumet.

Är det någon som har något tips på hur jag kan lösa detta?


Ok guys, the forum is installed and the database is converted, all is good. But there are still some issues.

There seems to be something wrong with the cookie, at first new posts weren't going away when i read them, they were still marked as new. I clicked on "mark all topics read" and now, even though there are new posts, they are marked as read?

Any idea on how to fix this?

Thanks a million for your help earlier, if you'd like to see the forum, it can be found here: http://www.vikholm.se/forum

Have a nice day!

creaturecorp wrote:

Whatever you do, make a database backup immediately. That way if you somehow go wrong you can just upload your local backup database into your host's control panel and all will be well.

I take backups regularly, both of the forum and our DKP-site (we're a World of Warcraft guild) to ensure i won't get hunted down and beaten senseless smile

I'm off to try this now. For safetyreasons I'll keep both forums running until i know everything works smile Thanks so much for your replies, they've made me realize I've probably just overdramatised this whole thing..

Rickard wrote:

The problem here is that you have attachments. PunBB does not support attachments other than via a mod and I don't think the migration tools transfers your attachments over to PunBB.

As I suspected then. That's not really a problem though, the files are stored anyway so adding them later on with a mod for punBB is easy. Just have to keep track of where the files were in the first place smile

But my main problem still remains, how to do this conversion 100% flawless?


At the present time I run phpBB, but I'd like to use punBB instead.

Now, the "problem" is that I don't have much experience in this area (php, databases etc) and knowing myself I can think of at least 10 ways I can screw something like this up. My host thankfully had a button in their control panel, "on" or "off" which installed everything pretty neatly for me.

I have downloaded "PunBB_Migration_Tool-1.4.0.zip", the "punbb-1.2.10.zip" and now I'm thinking: "what's the right approach for this? How can I do this relatively easy with as little screwups as possible?"

Things that make me nervous about switching:
I have 139 registered users and a lot that just browse the forum, I don't want them to notice anything else then "oh, he switched forums, nice".
I do not want them coming to the boards and see chaos and total destruction smile

I don't want any posts or topics MIA afterwards. There are at the moment 2945 'articles' in the forum, I want them to stay there.

There are a lot of images uploaded as attachments, I've read somewhere that while some mods for phpbb work on punbb, not all will, and this makes me hesitate a little about this.

The forum might be considered "small-time", but nevertheless it's existence does make a difference to my users, so I want this to be painless on them smile Can anyone tell me how I should do this or perhaps know of a guide of some sort? Can't seem to find one myself hmm

Anyway, thanks a million in advance and have a nice day!