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You dont know the history of and what this website gave to the community
so dont say bullshit and come here to complain to others like a poor little child who lost his toy...
We have explain you how we were organize ; you didnt understand ; ok,  now have a nice trip on your website.



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liquidat0r wrote:

Hooks in parser.php (and more hooks in help.php) for adding new BBCode and smilies.

Oh, right. Sorry. Just read this post.

may be the hooks for bbcode are not included in the new parser version ?
so your request seems to be legitimate

so it is a good example of what we havent to do big_smile

i already did it in the dedicated post wink

but the purpose of this hook is to illustrate how simple it is to make things like that .
so of course dont change your install until those kind of hook has been integrated .


I've played with the new toy "extensions" and "hook"

a basic one display the users that were online today with a specific color for the admin

what do we need to proceed ?
1) open footer.php
2) line 92

 if ($pun_config['o_users_online'] == '1'  )


 ($hook = get_hook('ft_get_users_online_colored')) ? eval($hook) : null;

    if ($pun_config['o_users_online'] == '1' and $hook == '' )

that's it ; the hook is in place wink

let's go to exploit it wink

in your extensions directory create a directory named online_today_colored
and create a manifest.xml  in this one with the following content :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<extension engine="1.0">
  <title>Users Online Today (Colored)</title>
  <description>Display the users online list with the color of their group</description>
  <minversion>1.3 Beta</minversion>
  <maxtestedon>1.3 Beta</maxtestedon>

  <note type="install">This will display the Online list of users in place of the default PunBB 1.3.</note>





    <hook id="ft_get_users_online_colored"><![CDATA[
        $date = getdate(time());
        $todaystamp = mktime(0,0,0, $date['mon'], $date['mday'], $date['year']);
        // fetch the users that came today.
        $query = array(
            'SELECT'    => 'username, id, group_id, last_visit',
            'FROM'        => 'users',
               'WHERE'        => "last_visit >='".$todaystamp."'",
            'ORDER BY'    => 'last_visit DESC'
        $result = $db->query_build($query, true) or error(__FILE__, __LINE__);
        $users_today = array();
        while ($pun_user_online_today = $db->fetch_assoc($result)) 
            if ($pun_user_online_today['group_id'] == '1')
                $users_today[] .=  "\n\t\t\t\t".'<a href="'.pun_link($pun_url['user'],$pun_user_online_today['id']).'" title="Last visit of '.htmlspecialchars($pun_user_online_today['username']).' : '.format_time($pun_user_online_today['last_visit']).'"><span style="color: green;font-weight:bold;">'.$pun_user_online_today['username'].'</span></a>';
                $users_today[] .=  "\n\t\t\t\t".'<a href="'.pun_link($pun_url['user'],$pun_user_online_today['id']).'" title="Last visit of '.htmlspecialchars($pun_user_online_today['username']).' : '.format_time($pun_user_online_today['last_visit']).'">'.$pun_user_online_today['username'].'</a>';
        // Fetch users online info and generate strings for output
        $query = array(
            'SELECT'    => 'o.user_id, o.ident, u.group_id',
            'FROM'        => 'online AS o',
            'JOINS'     => array(
                        'LEFT JOIN' => 'users AS u',
                        'ON'    => ''
               'WHERE'        => 'o.idle=0',
            'ORDER BY'    => 'o.ident'

        $result = $db->query_build($query, true) or error(__FILE__, __LINE__);
        $num_guests = 0;
        $users = array();

        while ($pun_user_online = $db->fetch_assoc($result))
            if ($pun_user_online['user_id'] > 1) {
                if ( $pun_user_online['group_id'] == '1' ) 
                    $users[] = '<a href="'.pun_link($pun_url['user'], $pun_user_online['user_id']).'"><span style="color:red; font-weight:bold;">'.htmlspecialchars($pun_user_online['ident']).'</span></a>';
                    $users[] = '<a href="'.pun_link($pun_url['user'], $pun_user_online['user_id']).'">'.htmlspecialchars($pun_user_online['ident']).'</a>';
        echo "\t".'<div id="onlinelist">'."\n".
            "\t\t".'<h3>'. printf($lang_index['Online'], $num_guests, count($users)) .'</h3>'."\n";

        // If there are registered users logged in, list them
        if (count($users) > 0)
            echo "\t\t\t".'<p>'.implode(', ', $users).'</p>'."\n";

        echo "\t".'</div>'."\n";

        echo "\t".'<div id="onlinetoday">'."\n".
            "\t\t".'<h3> Online Today : ( '. count($users_today)  .') </h3>'."\n";
        if (count($users_today) > 0)
            echo "\t\t\t".'<p>'.implode(',', $users_today).'</p>'."\n";
            echo '<p><em>None</em></p>'."\n";
        echo "\t".'</div>'."\n";


then install it and have fun wink

It's very basic and i know it's not perfect by it's the first i made, i hope this could show you how easy it is to make one for septic people wink


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Paul wrote:

Not really a bug just a symptom of something being unfinished.

i agree big_smile

1) Hi,
2) may be that you could take 5minutes to find all answers to your questions.
3)Kind Regards.


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A hook in place of the "Online" stat to be able to display them as we want.

For example : changing the color of a given group of users in the "Online" list of users.

i think there is nothing for that arround the line 92 of the footer.php .

Kind Regards.

may be something like that could be used wink


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Actually, when we change the style in our profile, with something else than Oxygen, we are unable to rollback to anything Oxygen :

Warning: require(./style/Cobalt/Cobalt.php) ..... failed to open stream: No such file or directory..... header.php line 112

We have to fix that by hand in the database.

just in the install.php script ...


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I would like to know if the CSS 1.3 is near to be completly "stable" or if majors changes can arrived ?

i ask that to know if i can start to work on this new CSS wink

Kind Regards.


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Does someone already try to play with ExtJS (a JavaScript OO) ?
My favorite sample big_smile


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Happy new (punbb1.3) Year !

someone makes a "plugile"
a plugile is a contraction of  "plugin" and "profile" (in french language).
Thus, this mod permits to add plugins in the profil page easyly.

may be you can find something to use with it to reach your goal ?


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Rickard wrote:

I would like to stress that this is a temporary thing. For the release of 1.3, we'll have a completely redesigned web site.

With a special CMS or the code will be "home made" ?

it's looking like trac  from but written in php, isnt it ?


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Will the hook system work almost as in Phorum 5.1 (§ 1.3 Hook) ?


@Rickard : thanks for your support
@Falconflyz : i dunno i have a so sympathic friend/fan ;-)
@pedroduga : punBB is used for the forum part and CakePHP is for the portal one. For the ORM, the developper team of CakePHP itself agrees about this, which has to be improved.

@matt : i'm proud too to use punBB and i never removed nor licence info in the source nor copyright in the footer of the forum. Rickard also know my fight against another software who stole our sources (punbb/puntal) so you can be reasure about the respect of that point.
For the rest, puncake is in early dev and all i've made is just using info from punBB and display them on the portal page + admin panel of puncake.
But as you said you didnt like (the code of) Puntal (all the colors are in the Nature, i dont judge anyone, on the contruary several CMS for punBB boost the creativity of each others) so you wont like puncake too, even if puncake uses a MVC framework, the rest will be the same.

And at least for the "stupid" name of the project : everything regarding CakePHP is speaking about cooking / cake / food / bakery and so on, and "puncake" is almost "pancake" ; "powered by ..."  a cookie or a cake is just funny ;-)

Kind Regards

absolutly not
the forum contains it but the home page is not made by punBB ...


quaker wrote:
foxmask wrote:

This give you nothing of course ... if you don't like CMS based on PunBB with MVC paradigm, forget this post.

Honestly, can you give us a break down of what the differences is?

Difference between what and what ?

a CMS with and wihout MVC ?

quaker wrote:

1. what are the functions?
2. A to do list, etc.

for PunCake ?  exactly the same as Puntal provides : articles module / download module / lexicon / directory / blog etc... as the project just start a lot has to be done but the roadmap is to rebuild all those modules.

quaker wrote:

I believe without people giving pros and cons about there experiences with different portal system for punbb how can puncake be better or worse?

if everyone understand the MVC approach everyone can understand why i choose this one too.
and i dont affirm puncake is better than an other, i'm just saying "hey look, we can use a MVC framework that use punBB"

I was thinking that it was cool to discover another way to use PunBB.

quaker wrote:

*without Matt and other people cons or pros!! I would not be able to do a lot of stuff to all my punbb sites.
Punbb has a great community for support as well as it's hecklers or haters.
Can't we just get alone?

i dont think it's a positive attitude to says "i dont like this or that" whitout explaining why... where are the cons pros in that ?

quaker wrote:

3. How can people help or what do u need done?

i ask nothing but if people are interesting in this kind of approach / project - just join it .



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link oudated

This give you nothing of course ... if you dont like CMS based on PunBB with MVC paradigm, forget this post.

It's not a basic install of punbb with left blocks, it's a fresh punbb install with puncake -
Instead of screenshots look at or something like [ link to page with very NSFW photo removed /pogenwurst ] etc...


PunCake is a new CMS project that uses the framework CakePHP ( which uses the concept of MVC ) and integrates PunBB.

The main goal is to migrate Puntal (2.x) to PunCake.

a must have to easyly make is own portal upon punBB. smile