SamC wrote:

Sure! If you want to donate you can via PayPal here.


SamC wrote:

I've just updated it and that should now be fixed.
It should now refresh whenever a new version is installed.

Great job man, thanks for your responsiveness, I'll try that asap.
What was wrong with duplicated smileys?

  • Another issue : colors are also duplicated 3 times, check the same link I gave you before.

  • The cherry on the cake would be to have a resizable iframe, like the original PunBB text box one on this forum.

After that, we'll probably reach perfection in my opinion smile


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You should add a div in your theme's main.tpl file, then use an absolute position to place it where you want (that would be a bit dirty but that would certainly work).

The other solution would be to modify the corresponding php files to include a banner placeholder in the code. Haven't searched exactly which one contains the header.

SamC wrote:

I've just finished updating the editor and it now supports the YouTube tag

Awesome. Any chance I can donate few bucks to you for this great addon?

  • I have noticed a bug. When I click on smileys, some of them are duplicated (I use default smileys only)
    You can check it here directly on my forum WYSIWYG demo

  • Is it also possible to add a Jquery line in Iframe's head that would refresh the WYSIWYG CSS?
    Everytime I upload a new version I have to refresh it manually, else changes are never displayed.

Hi Sam,

I've just installed your wysiwyg extension, and I'm really impressed about your work.

I've got a question however. I'm not sure I understand the difference between the two extensions. Does sc_wysiwyg support all sc_bbcode tags, such as youtube ? Or does it only support the tags corresponding to visible buttons?

Thanks in advance, and once again congratulations sir


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OK thanks for the statement dimka, then I will wait for the final release to upgrade. I have just finished my theme and I'm proud of it  big_smile  not yet ready for a new start.

Very good job though, I hope PunBB 1.4 will have the support it deserves.

Great job, really. i love the icons especially

Great job, really. i love the icons especially


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Any chance to make my custom 1.3 theme work "without too many modifications" ?


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Creater, the answer had been given 2 posts before.


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Having the same from time to time when i login from different locations.
Try to logout and refresh your forum page with Ctrl+F5 (don't forget the Ctrl key, to override the cache) and tell us.

Is that a "recent problem" as you say or did you just notice it recently?

Updated successfully, thanks  big_smile

Glad it helped sir

Remove the extension folder from your PunBB directory, delete all the files in the "cache" subfolder except "index.html" and ".htaccess".


If you're still having issues, consider checking your extensions table in your database and remove the leftovers.

You can also try to reinstall, uninstall the problematic extensions, who knows.


Something is wrong with the Sticky Notes.
Here is how it shows, the text "Corrected the URL" is always added to the title, which is quite annoying.

Uploaded with

Hey, very good job sir!

Just one thing, you should write in the first post that the Oxygen folder should be renamed to your default theme name, and also that PNG icons have to be moved from the old BBcode extension folder to yours.

Appart from that it works pretty well, thanks!


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Upgraded, tested, and approved.

I confirm the bug is fixed, Admins and Moderators can now edit posts containing Poll.

Thank you for your great support dimka

That's exactly what happened smile

Problem fixed, I changed my directory rights from 777 to 755 and all started to work.

I still don't understand why 777 didn't work.


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Ready to test but...
How can I update it without deleting my current polls? Any procedure to update extensions?


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I confirm what has been said.

Go in your database (with PHPMyAdmin for example, or in command line if you like it), search the users tab, find your user, and change its group_id value from 1 to 3 (or more if you have a corresponding group)


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1.1.11 is already the version I use, is that zip a modified one?

If yes, I can I update without uninstalling my previous pun_poll version (don't want to lose my existing polls smile)


Jesus, you are right : Test file in extension subdir

I'll submit a ticket to the hoster.

Admins can edit the Poll questions after post creation, but can not change the post text.
Click Submit and the text is back as it was.
It appears correctly in Preview though.

It works when the user himself edit his own post, but no as admin (haven't tried as Moderator).

Problem: new topics with polls become impossible to moderate.


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When I create a poll as a user, I can edit the questions afterwards as admin but, when I try to change the post text as admin  and click Submit, the text is back as it was.

It works when the user himself edit his own post. It makes it impossible for an admin to moderate a post with a poll.


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Any chance to have these bars in a future 1.3 version release?