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antonio wrote:

I am looking for something for 1.4+ as well...

Extension for 1.4: https://github.com/putnik/punbb_subforums


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Pebro wrote:

Please fix. The new version 1.4 does not appear in the template.

You can try this version for 1.4.


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Imperial wrote:

When you make a forum a subforum, can you set its category to the same as its parents rather than always 1?  This keeps it in the proper spot in the admin page rather than sticking all of them under the first category.  Unfortunately, for the quick jump, it still shows up under the first category.

Sorry, I can't say now why all subforums went to first category. I rewrote this code, maybe it helps.
Also fixed some other bugs.
Ver. 0.9 alpha-5.

PS: Quick jump will be rewrite to tree soon.


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rajuru wrote:

another problem found in your extension. see  the image



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rajuru wrote:

as I guess their functionality:
0 - Show only main forums -> this should show only parent forums on index page
1 - Show subforums list -> this should show parent forums normally and list only subforums' names
2 - Show subforums with descriptions -> show parent normally and list subforums with their descriptions.
i guess i am correct. am I?

Yes. Maybe it hard to understand without more detailed legend. If you may write better, it will be nice.

rajuru wrote:

i guess it should be:

($forum_config['o_subforums_show_desc'] == 2) && ($cur_subforum['forum_desc'] != '') ? ' — '.$cur_subforum['forum_desc'] : '')

please confirm me.

Yes. But $forum_config['o_subforums_show_list'] == 2, not *desc. I fix it and upload  new version (it also has fix for new posts at index.php).


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I upload an alpha version of 0.9 (see first post).
Please don't use it on active projects, it may be not stable. I can't test it on clear forum now, and my projects not forums but PunBB 1.3 roll I hope that I'll test it at the end of next week.

Some changes was done for my projects, and maybe them will split to other extension in future. Changes are:
* Forum statistics include all it subforums (topics, posts, last post)
* 3 modes of view for index: only main forums, subforums, and subforums with their descriptions
* 2 views of viewforum.php: you may (anybody need? lol) move subforums to topics list
* Quick link for create subforum of current forum (but it don't work in empty forums, I'm use hack for it; will be fixed later)
* Bad view of search page (only main forums)
If I'll have free time, I'll publish version with good search page in next days.


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Sorry all.
Most of problems fixed and some features added smile But extension use hacks in forum code now, and it's a reason why I can't release it.
I hope that new version (0.9) will be at this week.


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rahahm33 wrote:

not a bad start, there's 1 or 2 xhtml strict validation errors you may want to fix though.

If in 0.6 them still exist, please show where.

Upd: Ok, I know one with "selected". roll


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New version: 0.6.


  • Change subforums category when parent forum move;

  • Fix display of cycle forums (… -> A -> B -> A -> …). Now for forum A it shows in navigation "Category » … » B » A";

  • Small fixes;

  • Maybe some new bugs big_smile


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New version: 0.5.
* Some fixes
* Add forums hierarchy into navigation block
* Disable forum category selection when parent forum selected


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I'm remove "pun_" prefix from extension name.

If you already installed it, please:
1. Install new (subforums) extension;
2. Remove old (pun_subforums) extension.


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I'm writing subforums extenstion now. It's work, but not finished for this time. See this topic.


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This is an extension for create multilevel subforums. It's not finnished now, but you may use it, if you want. wink

— On index.php in forums descriptions insert list of subforums;
— On viewforum.php before topics shows list of subforums (without any statistics);
— In admin panel on forums.php you may set parent forum when add/edit forum;

Not done (2do):
— Plain (not tree) structure of queek jump;
— [admin/forums.php] Plain (not tree) link to edit each forum;
— Parent forum statistics not update when somebody write post into subforum;
— No descriptions of subforuma on index.php.

Download: v.0.7

Test version (not for use): v.0.9 alpha-5

Version for 1.4: GitHub


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I need hook in cache.php in generate_quickjump_cache() function:

232        while ($cur_forum = $forum_db->fetch_assoc($result))
249        }
250        << hook here >>
251        $output .= "\t\t\t".'</optgroup>'."\n\t\t".'</select>'."\n\t\t".'<input type="submit" value="<?php echo $lang_common[\'Go\'] ?>" onclick="return Forum.doQuickjumpRedirect(forum_quickjump_url, sef_friendly_url_array);" /></span>'."\n\t".'</div>'."\n".'</form>'."\n";

It's no chance now to change something after last iteration.


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Moved topics don't have self icon.
Please replace at viewforum.php at line ~196

            if ($cur_topic['moved_to'] != 0)
                $subject = $lang_forum['Moved'].': <a href="viewtopic.php?id='.$cur_topic['moved_to'].'">'.pun_htmlspecialchars($cur_topic['subject']).'</a> <span class="byuser">'.$lang_common['by'].' '.pun_htmlspecialchars($cur_topic['poster']).'</span>';


            if ($cur_topic['moved_to'] != 0)
                $subject = $lang_forum['Moved'].': <a href="viewtopic.php?id='.$cur_topic['moved_to'].'">'.pun_htmlspecialchars($cur_topic['subject']).'</a> <span class="byuser">'.$lang_common['by'].' '.pun_htmlspecialchars($cur_topic['poster']).'</span>';
                $item_status .= ' imoved';
                $icon_text .= ' '.$lang_forum['Moved'];


PS: PunBB 1.2.17.


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