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that will be the current version - install as you would any other extension.


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Scripted wrote:

My point I'm trying to make here is VI, NOTEPAD are simple and easy to use for quick fix here and there but they are not the best tools for Software Development, because may not designed as Software Development IDE tools.

all in your opinion.

I too have tried various things over the years and always fall back on my favourite text editor.


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Scripted wrote:

What do you use for CSS, Rich Pedley?  I sometimes use Dreamweaver for CSS.

Textpad again smile


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I use textpad, and have done for years now. Wouldn't touch dreamweaver unless I was paid to use it (and they bought it for me of course).

If you care about coding standards don't use a wysiwyg.

is a fire hot or cold?

don't like them myself, but others are using them.

captcha hasn't been a solution for some time, they are easily broken.

maybe they should use an antispam plugin....

to fix ie you might have to add some positioning to brd-main

#brd-main {

but I haven't tested that, so it might need jiggling.

so you don't need it fixing in IE then?

answered via email

that's fine, you just need to alter #brd-main, adjusting the width until you get the desired effect.

Its a bit difficult to tell exactly where you want the sidebar to begin. Do you want, as I think you do, it to be from the login/register section downwards?

Anyway assuming that, I can see where to insert it in the standard template, just before this:

<div id="brd-main">

so you would end up with:

<div id="sidebar">whatever content</div>
<div id="brd-main">

and it would be the css for brd-main that would need altering width wise.

As you have a specific them already in place, it might be better if you sent those to me, and I'll see what I can do. email me at elfin@elfden.co.uk

erm, which forum where?

1. adjust this part in your css:

.brd {
    margin: 15px auto 0 auto;
    max-width: 1100px;
    min-width: 700px;
    width: 95%;

That is the portion that sets the width of the main board, excluding the header. So you'd need to adjust the minwidth, and width - perhaps setting them to the same amount.

Add a div just before

<div id="brd-wrap" class="brd">

in each of your templates, something like:

<div id="mycontent">goes here</div>

then add to your css something like the following:


fairly simple, and culd probably be done slightly better, but that seems to work.
(donation link via http://quirm.net/download/)

adding a column to either side is pretty easy, but how would you want to add the content?

and no I'm not offering to do this.


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I haven't been able to finish it ready for release as yet.


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look for a thumbs up - then flip it smile


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what you've got now is the css id in the li:

<li id="navextra1">

and that is already styled correctly in the CSS with :

#navextra1 {
    background:transparent url(images/navextra1-home.png) no-repeat center left;

so just change the image, or the url to a new image


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well i assume you know how to add a link to the menu.

so you can add a css class in there, and then copy what I've used elsewhere to create the CSS, then you just need to create an icon...


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javascipt links should be added via the DOM.


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Shame that adding buttons to my extension will be more difficult - still think on how best to do it *sigh*


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my apologies - can't remember everything off the top of my head smile

$tags_without_attr = array('b', 'i', 'u', 'url', 'email', 'img', 'list', 'li' => '*', 'quote', 'code', 'spoiler','strike'=>'s');

I added in spoiler and strike, and that line is in bar.php, though you may also deem it necessary to add to this line:

$tags_with_attr = array('quote', 'color', 'url', 'email', 'img', 'list');

help any?


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BBCode buttons is the official 'toolbar' such that it is. So to add buttons to the toolbar you need to edit things in there.

BBCode Extended adds spoiler and strikethough tags and is available via quirm.net


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you'll need to edit the puntoolbar extension, with that one it is very easy, just copy one of the existing ones. As for the button - any image should be usable.