Thanks this is simple to install and does exactly what I need :-)


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"Administration interface plugins"

Yes I see why you shortened that :-D

I'm not sure I'm can tell my mods from my plugins. I just want to be able to install the board and touch it as little as possible after that. I guess I'm not exactly a power user ;-)


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Twohawks -- thanks, that is a great idea which I am going to use. Today I woke up to yet another fake account and a post about animals (which I will leave to your imagination). As the board has little traffic, these posts are really prominent.


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I also think the media coverage has been excessive, especially the BBC, and I'm not sure why it has been. He was someone who appeared in a TV show. Of course I'm sorry for his family, as I would be for any family that lost someone. But the coverage has been way over the top and I have to say that the footage they showed of him waving his little baby near a crocodile made me feel sick and I find it hard to have respect for anyone who does that.


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Fake registrations and spam are such a problem in everything these days that I think these tools are a basic which should be included in the main board software. To be honest I'm not too keen on or confident about adding mods. I find it boring. I just want something that I can install and run without any tweaking :-)


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It would be good to be able to delete a user account with a single click on a button next to a message they have posted. Currently it involves a lot of clicks and screens and a wildcard search to get a list of users in admin. Which gets a bit tedious if you have several to do at once.

How about a check to delete box next to each user in the list and a confirm button at the bottom?

Also I think someone else suggested the option to have unconfirmed accounts deleted after a certain number of days?

I am concerned because some hosts make you use your main hosting username and password for the sql databases. It may be that there is little chance of anyone getting a look at the config.php. I don't know much about this. Feels uncomfortable to store this info as text in a public area though...

Paul wrote:

But there aren't lots of people who would need or want this particular item as an option.

If there is the need for a facility to ban certain usernames and words then I don't see why the option to turn off the user list and last registered person isn't a desirable feature. As both of these things potentially bring offensive usernames (that haven't been confirmed by email) to the front page or a click away from it on the user list. Instead of trying to guess and ban all possible words it would be easier just to turn off these features in options. That way no one sees all the fake accounts that haven't been confirmed.

I have just abandoned phpBB because it has a similar but much worse problem: people can put a URL in their profile before they have confirmed their account. Which is just a golden opportunity for spammers and malicious people.


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It doesn't have colours (at least not the old version I use) but I've always liked TextPad. It has a search feature that can look through a folder of text files without opening them. I use that for searching through my video catalogue. Just double click on a line in the search results to open that file for editing or viewing. Plus a vertical block select which is great for copying and moving columns in a database. It can also sort lines on a selected column and has excellent search and replace including regular expressions. I use it a lot for HTML alongside Dreamweaver.

Thanks for that. I've tweaked the PHP as suggested. No more user list or last registered :-)

I think there are lots of advantages to keeping it so that it looks like a forum. It's more accessible to people as it is a format they are familiar with. PunBB has a very clean looking default design which I like.

Your sites are very smart but they look more like a blog or CMS. Is that using various mods?

I'm sure I'll investigate tweaking things in the future. It's only been up a few days :-)

You are absolutely right about phpBB :-) I just looked. I wondered because, in the past, I used a board that recommended that certain folders should be put 'above' the public html area on the server. However I think that was for perl.

Can someone tell me which bit to comment out and in which file? I used to do that with phpBB. I do think it would great to have this as a clickable option in admin because there are lots of people who are afraid to tweak the code and the edit is something extra to remember and do every time you upgrade the board.

I installed PunBB this week after my phpBB board was hacked. Also, like many people on here, I was fed up with fake registrations and with spammers being able to put a URL in their public profile before confirming their account. Something that was brought to the attention of the developers of phpBB ages ago but still hasn't been resolved.

I am really liking PunBB so far. Particulary the speed and small size. But one issue I do have is the security of the SQL database and password as this is stored in config.php in a public area.

Also I wonder why boards don't provide the option to just switch off showing the last registered user and members list? As that would solve the problem of 'rude' usernames.