Topic: Would it be interesting...

I've slightly changed the viewtopic.php file (around line 436, search for the pages thing) like this:

<td style="width: 53%"><b><a href="index.php"><?php echo pun_htmlspecialchars($pun_config['o_board_title']) ?></a> / <a href="viewforum.php?id=<?php echo $forum_id ?>"><?php echo pun_htmlspecialchars($forum_name) ?></a> / <?php echo pun_htmlspecialchars($subject) ?></b> / <?php echo $lang_common['Pages'].': '.$pages ?></td>
<td class="punright"><?php echo $subscraction ?></td>

So as to have one more navigation bar on the bottom. Might as well be on another line, that I haven't decided yet, but on long topics, it's either scrolling up again, or using the back buttons, its effect would be adding another "forum /section /topic" linkbar just under the last post.

However, I am unsure if anyone else has seen the need for this, so... it might be named as a "mod", but... it barely qualifies smile

If anybody else has other navigational suggestions, it might be a good thing to pack a few changes together.

Re: Would it be interesting...

Well, maybe. There's also the quickjump down there though. Just click Go and you jump back to the forum view.

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Re: Would it be interesting...

Jeje, that's too far away! wink
If you had my users you'd understand trying to use exactly the same link as above...

But what you said gave me an idea...

New Line 438 (probably):
        <td class="punright" style="width: 19%"><b><a href="#" onClick="javascript:quickpost_div.style.display='block';">Quick Reply</a> / <?php echo $post_link ?></b></td>

then mod the form slightly under (~453) adding one line before:
<div id="quickpost_div" style="display:none;">
<form method="post" action="post.php?tid=<?php echo $id ?>" onsubmit="return process_form(this)">

and don't forget adding </div> after the form (line ~477)

Now you've got a divved add reply. Yeah, you've got to translate that one text inline, which means this does not qualify as a mod, but with very little extra code the quick post form doesn't disturb unless the link is clicked.

If I gather enough cosmetic changes, I might code it properly and release them as a mod. So if you have hidden wishes... (even you Rickard)


Re: Would it be interesting...

But what's the use of the quickreply if you still have to click a button before you can enter a reply? If you have to click to show it, you might as well click "Post reply" and get the full post screen.

"Programming is like sex: one mistake and you have to support it for the rest of your life."


Re: Would it be interesting...

You don't have to reload the page. Only speed is the difference.
If you're only browsing, it's IMHO slightly unfriendly as it is now, cause you can't go back to the main page without scrolling up.

Of course, all cosmetic changes are a matter of personal taste, and fortunately we don't all have the same sense of taste smile