Topic: Make it easier

I want to say that this is my imho only.

Make a forum easier! There is alots of The multipurpose forums (like VbulletIn, PhPBB, and etc.) I see that my PunBB forum, after adding new mods and features, going to be more slow..

What for the button " post reply"?
For what the "full reply" is necessary? Why u won`t move the Full reply (incl smiles, bbcodes) to quick reply, and just remove the "post full reply" area.

I am weak in programming, so i don know hard to make this or no.

Maybe i just very like my old FastBB forums ^^ dont know..
The feture with auto-registration with 1st post is great too.

U can see here … 77547596-0 this features.

I will be glad if u`ll understand my great english big_smile and this post ^^


Re: Make it easier

Mods for PunBB are not supported, so I wouldn't be surprised if they make your forums slower. Some Mods add more fields to the PunBB database, which means more lines have to be processed by the server etc.

As for the Post Reply issue, read this thread, where I asked the same thing:

Re: Make it easier

As I pointed out in the other topic, quick reply is only enabled for registered users. The reason for that is that it gives people incentive to register. If they register, they'll get access to more features such as the quick reply.

However, the "register as you post" thing is kinda nice. I'll consider it :)

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