Topic: Spam kills another forum

Saw this today on a support forum for a web server (Nanoweb):

Forums are down, I don't have time anymore to filter spam on a daily basis, sorry for the inconvenience ...

A sad sign of the times. I think it was a phpBB2 site, not punBB smile

At least this guy was monitoring the site and took it down. I've come across some forums that seem to run as 'ghost-ship' forums for too long and allow spammers to run rampant.

Re: Spam kills another forum

I have a forum that only gets a couple of messages a week... I used the akismet anti-spam module... it's too efficient... it baned users for everything and nothing... i unbanned some they got banned and again and gave up trying...
I guess that forum will be the next casuality sad

I think there should be some adjustable spam blockers... like... a minimum amount of posts to allow a user to post a link, this should be adjustable. Together with that, an adjustable post frequency cap would be cool too.
I think this, and some other simple ideas could be distributed with punbb... then it would stop being a spam target.

Re: Spam kills another forum

Interesting, I just got banned from prunes the same way, and guess what I was trying to find.... thats right, I was trying to find anti spam stuff for my punbb forum and in the process of trying to show someone the code I was using, I got banned.
Hows that for Irony.
Now I have bad code that I'm having trouble fixing, and I'm banned from prunes.
I hope someone there has the sense to unban me but so far my e-mail has gone unanswered.

For the record: I am a noob to this stuff.
People have to start somewhere.