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Topic: Generatation Info

I'd really like to know this kind of info. It could be commented just before the document ends.


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Re: Generatation Info

You can enable PUN_DEBUG if you want to see that information temporarily. It shows up in the footer. However, it's not recommended that you enable it for long periods of time because it also makes more detailed error messages show (in case errors start happening in your forum).

Re: Generatation Info

Why not make it a default? I mean, the generation info only - not the rest.

Re: Generatation Info

Because it's not really necessary, interesting, or important in most cases. It only becomes useful when you're actually debugging something. It takes up space on the screen and takes time to generate. There's no reason to separate it from debug mode and even less reason to enable it by default.

Re: Generatation Info

Smartys wrote:

It takes up space on the screen

It doesn't waste screen space between HTML comment tags.

Re: Generatation Info

I was talking about in its current form, not in the form it was proposed in when Garciat was suggesting that we didn't have the ability to see that information in the first place wink
If it were switched to comments, it would simply make debugging more tedious. And it wouldn't address any of the other issues.