Topic: Getting locked out by SEF URLs


Just been playing with the new release - superb.

However, I managed to get locked out of frontend and admin by setting SEF URL (and not setting RewriteBase correctly).  I didn't work out where the config file was (I know now), so just reinstalled.  No big deal - just playing on localhost.

Although this was no big deal for me, I'm guessing there's going to be quite a few people who are going to set SEF URLs and freak when they're locked out of admin + frontend.  This seems like an area that could / should be improved.

Is it not possible to test .htaccess is present and RewriteBase is correctly set before saving this change?  Or simply do not apply fancy URLs to admin, so that people are not locked out if there is a problem?

Re: Getting locked out by SEF URLs

For this very reason, we are considering getting rid of rewriting in the admin interface entirely. It really only is a vanity feature anyway.

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Re: Getting locked out by SEF URLs

you should defenately do that.
There's no point in having SEF urls in the admin interface. Keep it simple.

Re: Getting locked out by SEF URLs

I think SEF feature of PunBB should improve little more anyway thanks Rickard and all developer of PunBB for this version.