Topic: Bug with <p> in BBCode

A post like this with a double line space inside BBCode:

[color=orange]My first line

My second line[/color]

Will come out like:

<p><span style="color: orange">My first line

</p><p>My second line</span></p>

Which isn't valid.

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Re: Bug with <p> in BBCode

And here's another one.

If you use uppercase BBCode like [url], when you click preview it will not work in the the preview area. However it will be a lowercase [url]in the textarea so clicking preview a second time works. There must be a strtolower() happening too late.

Re: Bug with <p> in BBCode

The current parser will be rewritten anyway, so no need to report these things really.

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Re: Bug with <p> in BBCode

Still makes a difference if its an issue with 1.2.*? does it not.
EDIT: I didnt test it. just saying.. smile

Re: Bug with <p> in BBCode

It is indeed a bug in 1.2, that can't easily be fixed AFAIK.