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my forum ( is on punbb. i have installed many MOD to extend my forum. i have used some mod for ajax call and also made some of my own mod which requires ajax calls. but the ajax libraries from MOD to MOD are inconsistent. that is, some mod uses one ajax library and other use another ajax libraries. it causes unnecessary javascript codes which increases confusion and slow down the loading of forum at client side.

so, I request PunBB team, to announce a standard javascript/ajax framework, so that all other mod uses the same framework. it would be fine for PunBB 1.2.x but I believe it should be must for 1.3.x

thanks and greetings to PunBB teams for their continuous efforts.

I wish to provide some more proposals for PunBB1.3x


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/me thinks jQuery is the shit.

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surely though the ajax/javascript framework will be an extension?

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yeah, it can be an extension. but all extensions that need javascript framework, should use this extension.


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I think all extension releaser should simply work together with a common framework. I already suggested it here

IMHO the more recommended framework is Xajax

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Jquery would be excellent. It's very lightweight and fast (and logically-designed), like PunBB itself.

I also really like MochiKit, but maybe that's just because I'm a Python programmer. (It makes JS feel a bit more like Python, to the extent possible.)

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But Jquery and MochiKit are client-side libraries. Xajax is a server-side library in PHP wink

I think you can use both a client and a server-side framework for completeness. From Wikipedia the more reliable seems to be Prototype anyway, even if jQuery has not a bad rate.


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If it comes down to it jQuery gets my vote.