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Well this was a clan website for me and a bunch of my friends since i was tired of seeing all the whack other clan sites that was out there. Normally they featured a cheezy made site, and a forum from phpBB which i absoulutely hate. Spam bots love PHPBB lol.

but anyways i can design very well and is ok with php not a guru or anything. And this is my first time using punbb and intergrating it into the website.

Main site:


And all i did was edit the header/footer files. I need to work on customizing the template a little bit more since im using the one that came with it already. I might just adjust font colurs since the template matches my current website.

Mods so far is:


I tried to install mediator EASY POLL and after everythign it even faild so i said screw it. and revert back everything. and Yes i did edit the install_mod file with the version number. which was 1.2.17 and cut and pasted everything and double checked and it didnt work.


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BTW any comments would be appreciated.