Topic: Have I created a monster?

Hi everybody,

I am Julien from the expat forum. I definitely love punBB, and this is why I decided to use it for my expatriate website.

I had a lot of fun customizing punBB smile I created sub and sub-sub forums, the website is completely multilingual and more! (there are still a few bugs I need to fix)

My website is dedicated to expat blogs, and I wanted to create one forum per destination. So I used zones (continents), countries, and regions (cities or states)... The forum became huuuge! I launched the new version of my website (with the new forum) last week. I was pretty excited ... But ...

After reading these posts http://punbb.informer.com/forums/viewto … 55#p115255 (btw thanks hcgtv for noticing my work), I am questioning myself ... Have I created a monster? I've never seen a punBB forum with so many forums and sub forums ... do you think it's a mistake?

Should I change the presentation of my sub forums? Look at the forum Europe. Are the sub forum taking too much space on the page?

Thanks in advance for giving your opinion. All ideas, suggestions are welcome smile

And thanks to the punBB team!

Re: Have I created a monster?

the site looks very good. i like how you integrated punbb with everything..


My stuff or my style might sux, but atleast I'm willing to help when I can.
Don't be stupid and help ! We are the stupid one's !!!

Re: Have I created a monster?

Looks good to me, if you could come up with a neater way to display subforums it would be nice, as you say the list in europe is very long.

Re: Have I created a monster?

I love the site.  Great idea, very broad and inclusive.  It seems like with enough users it could easily become a one-stop shop for expatriate needs.  I love the idea of a site like this, because moving to another country is something that I've considered doing in the past and possibly in the future, and would be in need of a place where I could connect with people living in different areas to point me in the right directions.

Integration looks fantastic!  I'm very impressed with the way things are laid out.  Your layout and functional breakup (one forum per region) is intuitive, and the subforums by country are perfect.  I don't think I agree with breaking countries down by city, though.  I understand that different cities in a country are different but it may be too specific.  If a particular country's forum becomes well-used and the users request a breakdown by city, then you might add that, but until the breakdown is required I would think it best just to limit to countries.  I really like your idea though and it seems like some of the forums are picking up a little traffic.  With enough promotion you really could have something.


Re: Have I created a monster?

Hi everybody, a quick message to say you that my punBB integration changed again!

Is my forum still looking like a monster? Have a look to the expat forum

(I have integrated quite a lot of new things and modified a lot of things since my last post here)

What do you think about this new version?

Thanks in advance for your responses,


Re: Have I created a monster?

Very nice work!!!!!

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Re: Have I created a monster?

maybe a little. smile


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Isn't it too much with all the country flags? Isn't  the load time too long? (I've got big doubts)

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Re: Have I created a monster?

-J- wrote:

Isn't it too much with all the country flags? Isn't  the load time too long? (I've got big doubts)

Probably because the images are not being cached?

Btw, you're missing Bolivia in South America...