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Hey everyone, my name is Steffan Bjerregaard Dybdal.

I have a website: with a PunBB forum that i installed today after throwing in the towel regarding phpbb3

On my frontpage there's a login box to the right, the idea of the box in the design stages was a quick-login feature for the forum that was initialy thought of to be intergrated into the site it self but here's where my sad story starts, i had paid a website solution company to intergrate the forum into the website, code the login and design a phpbb3 template to match the theme of the site but the company in question decided to take the money and kinda stop replying to my emails filled with complaints.

So i decided to try my self with my usual approch of trail and error, i decided to scrap the idea of intergrating the forum into the website it self and keep the website and forum seperate, after not getting what i wanted out of phpBB3 i decided to try out PunBB and its perfect for what i wanted (really, awsome job who ever decided to make PunBB)

But the login box on the main page, i've got a hard time scraping from the design. so here' i am asking for some assistance, if its only a nudge in the right direction.

What i thought off during the design phase:

Ability to type PunBB user login/password in the box and opening my forum in a new window when pressing the Login Botton

When logged into the forum, the box changes to list:
[User Avatar] Username Online
Login botton changes to a Logout botton

When logging out
When pressing the logout botton, you would logout from my forum (even though its in a different window)


So there you have it, thats what i wanted out of my little login/logout box but i've tryed to read forums after forums, faq's and documentation but my attempts has all failed so far.

If anyone can help me on the right track to getting all 3 features to work (or just the ability to login and nothing else) you would make my day as thats the last thing i need for my site to be complete.

Anyway.. hope this isnt a bother or anything and that its posted in the right forum.

// Steffan Bjerregaard Dybdal

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Re: Integration Help

first off i would use a style that can be seem clearly..
what cms are you using for the main site?

im working on a wordpress and pun integration... -->  -->punbb

hopefully soon i can release my integration mod.

My stuff or my style might sux, but atleast I'm willing to help when I can.
Don't be stupid and help ! We are the stupid one's !!!

Re: Integration Help

The choich of style for the PunBB forum, im quite pleased with.. after i decided against completly intergrating the forum into the website, i started looking for something that would look minimalistic and im overjoyed at the style i found.

There isnt a CMS installed to the main site, most likely never will on this current version of the website as time is against it, i've got to get the website up and running before mid september (release of the game) and i simply dont have the time to design and code a propper site as of now, so this will have to do.

But by Christmas time and next year i should be getting a ton of sparetime so hopefully i will have leared more about PunBB integration / style creation at that point to make a true CMS comunity based site, instead of the shourtcut i took this time around.

But that being said, i've got to live with this website for about 3-5 months and with that im mind i have a hard time giving up on the login box feature of the site, as i find it a quite neat idea' even though it might be quite pointless as the website and forum are seperate from each other.

Re: Integration Help

i agree what i did a long time ago was take punbb and turned it into a complete cms system.. well it is super modded alots of w3c errors but it works... took me about 2 months work ...
just after awhile i lost interest into it.


My stuff or my style might sux, but atleast I'm willing to help when I can.
Don't be stupid and help ! We are the stupid one's !!!