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Topic: [extension release] PunBB Warning System (Beta)

hello mates,
hope all of you are doing fine.

Just now I have completed the beta version of PunBB Warning System. Its a very basic warning system.

Its may not be as big warning system as for vBulletin. But it is enough for my forum. So if you get it interesting, that is my pleasure.

Using warning system you can send warning to any user. In topic view, you will see an image (warn). You can follow it, type a description and click the add button. A warning will be save against this user. He will also get an email alert. After getting a certain numbers of warning, he will be automatically banned for a number of days. If he still continues of getting warnings, after the certain numbers, he will be banned permanently.

You can customize the things:
1. number of warnings before temporary ban
2. number of warnings before permanent ban
3. number of days for temporary ban
4. whether to send or not email alert.

modification feature is yet to implement.

You can download the release from my blog.

Click here to download

It took much time to get familiarity with new PunBB. I highly appreciate your feedback.

Re: [extension release] PunBB Warning System (Beta)

i am sorry for a stupid release. this does not work for moderators. I will solve it soon.

since there is no documentation, I am facing trouble to work with moderators' panel.

Re: [extension release] PunBB Warning System (Beta)

Do you have any progress with this extention?

Re: [extension release] PunBB Warning System (Beta)

so far I remember it was for punbb 1.2.x. I am not using that tree anymore. i have plan same for 1.3.x



Re: [extension release] PunBB Warning System (Beta)

Hi, no work 1.4 ?:( Soon update?


Re: [extension release] PunBB Warning System (Beta)

Try to change maxtestedon in the manifest.xml.


Re: [extension release] PunBB Warning System (Beta)

Where else can I download this extension? The original link for download is dead.