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Topic: Allowing DST by default

My forum members claim to say that they have time back by 1hr, i found out that it's due to DST. How to (mass-)fix that?

I added it to Feature requests because of requesting it as a feature or atleast default-tick.

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Re: Allowing DST by default

You can fix it via your SQL-console.

  • Make a dump of your DB.

  • SQL-statement will look like:
    UPDATE <DB_PREFIX>_users
    SET dst = 1
    WHERE id in (<list of id>)
    If you want to change dst setting for all users, execute this SQL without WHERE-statement

Re: Allowing DST by default

I have this problem too, I think it is because the server is in a different time zone to the users

Would it not make more sense to adjust the time according to the clock of the local PC with client side javascript - so Pun would output something like

Post_time=now()-1.23 hours

and the browser would display something relevant without all the users having to select a timezone at all.

It seems kind of poor to me that we force everyone to select a timezone but then still get it wrong for a couple of weeks every year because different countries switch DST on different days

Re: Allowing DST by default

Good idea.
But I'd better compare the server's time and user's local time (via JS) and would display a dialog to the user to confirm timezone settings update.
This will be a good extension for 1.3 :-)

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