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Dear administrators. We're very flattered by the fact you've chosen PunBB 1.2.
But now when a user tries to register at the, he gets an error: wrote:

Could not open socket

I've just reproduced it myself.

This issue was reported to us via PunBB Bug Report form, because there is no link to report bugs on your site (I've searched through many Facebook pages and hasn't found one).

Here is the first report:

Taylor (Nov 19) wrote:

I can't register to the facebook developers forum. When I complete the registration page here: … gree=Agree

I get to a page where the only content is: Could not open socket

Today I've received another "bug report" from Facebook user:

kenny (Nov 21) wrote:

Ive waisted many hours on ur site and would appreciate the reactivation of my account for being a condusive member of facebook// thank you.

Looks like he couldn't find where to write a letter and found nothing else, but the PunBB Bug Report form.

Please, fix your forum installation and add some clear way for users to report bugs to you.
Writing here, because I have no idea where I need to write.

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Got it.
Thanks to Connorhd.

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Wow, Facebook. That's BIG.