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Topic: Jfusion - PunBB intergration help

Is anyone familiar with the JFusion project? http://www.jfusion.org/

There is a punBB plug-in available for download but does not work and does not have a developer yet.

I see Jfusion as one option for a punBB - Joomla intergration that should be done.
Syncing the users is all thats really needed, as punBB is really easy to fit in to any design.

Is anyone interested in developing the punBB plugin that works with JFusion?

Re: Jfusion - PunBB intergration help

One question: What is Joomla?

Re: Jfusion - PunBB intergration help

Of course, I could've Google'd it, but I was hoping you could explain me what it is with your own words.