Topic: MySQL problem

Please help me, my punbb doesn't work with error comment

"This PHP environment doesn't have Improved MySQL (mysqli) support built in. Improved MySQL support is required if you want to use a MySQL 4.1 (or later) database to run this forum. Consult the PHP documentation for further assistance" sad


Re: MySQL problem

On what page this error appeared? Ensure that PHP of your hosting provider support MySQLi.

Re: MySQL problem

My hosting company was updating PHP 5.2.26 to PHP 5.2.8  & MySQL 4.1.22 to MySQL 4.1.22_1 today and forum went offline with that message you saw while they were doing it.

On all pages of entire forum I had that message (and nothing else).

General Question: Is there no way for them to do such updates without entire forum going offline? (I asked them and they reckoned NO)

[found this post googling the error]