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I just updated my forum to 1.3.2 and ran the DB_update. However now that I have done it It still asks me to run it when i visit the index, so i click it again but then it tells me the update has already been done, and that's all i seem able to do.

can anyone let me know whats happened? hmm

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I too am having the same problem. It's a disaster! What am I supposed to do?

An error was encountered

Your PunBB database is out-of-date and must be upgraded in order to continue. Please run db_update.php in order to complete the upgrade process.

Click the link and it gives me this:

An error was encountered

Your database is already as up-to-date as this script can make it.

Help! ASAP!

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Yup that's exactly the same as what is happening to me, thanks for posting it a little better smile

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I don't get what the heck happened? The forum thinks the database is a different version, but at the same time knows it's the right one? What? What is triggering this error?

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I've reverted to my old forum files (1.3.0) but I made a mistake of not backing up my database (Totally forgot about it), so I manually changed the config table cell "1.3.2" back to "1.3", but still got the "must be upgraded" error. So I commented out that error checking line in the essentials.php file as a temporary measure since I really screwed things up with my database.

When I originally started the upgrade, I got errors on the install page which pretty much should have told me to stop right there, but I clicked Upgrade anyway and got errors at the tops of all the pages, but it still continued its duty of "converting SQL tables".

Now that I'm back to 1.3.0 my Admin panel is screwed up. All links inside the panels under the /admin/ directory point to /admin/whatever. For instance, the links that should point back to the index points to /admin/index.php. And any links that point to pages under /admin/ point to /admin/admin/.

What the heck?

What changed and why is it all screwed up?

Now I have to figure out what was changed in the database between 1.3 and 1.3.2 so I can manually set it all back because the forum still thinks the database is out of date.


I never should have woken up today.

Edit: Well, my forum is totally screwed up now. Extensions I don't even have turned on are giving errors. The Admin pages are borked. This is a disaster! I need some serious help fixing this. sad

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I just decided to leave it and wait until someone replies here because I don't have any real knowledge of handling databases and the like. Some help would be really appreciated. Sorry to hear about your forum hmm

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I semi-fixed my problem with the Admin panel after jumping through some unnecessary hoops.

I installed a new version of 1.3 and 1.3.2 each with their own databases and pretended to have separate forums. Looking in my Config file for one of them I noticed a line that was for some weird reason missing from my config.php file for my forum to begin with.

$base_url = '';

The Base URL variable wasn't defined for some reason causing all the links in the Admin folder to point to the admin folder instead of where they should go. (i.e. adding /admin to every link including ones that already pointed to /admin making it /admin/admin.)

Why the line was missing? I don't know. And why it never caused a problem before? I have no idea.

This doesn't solve your problem, which is the problem I started with too, but it at least fixes mine back to what it was before I screwed it all up. The DB is set to 1.3 instead of 1.3.2 and the software is 1.3 as well. I'll try to upgrade some other day. For now I'm just exhausted from trying to fix things. Also, I learned my lesson again. DON'T FORGET TO DOWNLOAD THE DATABASE BACKUP AS WELL AS THE ORIGINAL FILES! How many times must I learn that? Wait... no... this was the first time I forgot. Nevermind. It was a brain fart. I was watching Tropic Thunder at the time. I guess the fart jokes got to me.

UNFORTUNATELY, the error still stands if I uncomment the two lines I had to comment to bypass. Safeties in place to prevent problems that are just causing problems themselves.

// Verify that we are running the proper database schema revision
if (defined('PUN') || !isset($forum_config['o_database_revision']) || $forum_config['o_database_revision'] < FORUM_DB_REVISION || version_compare($forum_config['o_cur_version'], FORUM_VERSION, '<'))
    error('Your PunBB database is out-of-date and must be upgraded in order to continue. Please run <a href="'.FORUM_ROOT.'admin/db_update.php">db_update.php</a> in order to complete the upgrade process.');

I commented this part out because if I don't, the forum thinks it is a different version. But upgrading gives me that error that it's already up to date. So it's an infinite confusion loop. THIS is the problem I must fix. And you yourself.

Durkin, if you have a second and access to the files, open ESSENTIALS.PHP and comment those lines too. If only for a minute. And tell me if it "fixes" your problem for now. In that you can load the forum fine afterwards. If it works, then we have the same problem. With the same "fix". And should wait for an official punBB person to reply.

"Comment" means to put two /'s in front of the two lines that don't have it. In my file it's lines 108 and 109. Place // before the lines that say if (defined and the one with error( at the beginning.

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Hey, yeah that fixed the problem for me! I'm guessing this isn't the best way to go around sorting it out though? Like I said earlier I don't have much idea about handling the database etc, I do have access to it though.

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Your database is already as up-to-date as this script can make it.