Topic: high cpu usage

i'm kicking off by my hosting provider for High CPU usage. (twice suspended)

mod i'm using : spamwords ..

Re: high cpu usage

Perhaps the in-built censoring feature would the job well enough for you to dispense with the mod?

Combined perhaps with a anti-spam question on the registration form and/or guest posting?

Also:  what information do you have about the high CPU usage. It may not be from what you expect.

Also 2: get a new shared host, or switch to something like a cheap VPS.

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Re: high cpu usage


disable censoring.. BBcode similes, disabel everything i can disable

just a anti-spam question on registration form.

i installed a spamwords plugin which created words you don't wanna posted, if somebody posting a "spam word", they will give notice "it contain spamword %%".. the post wouldn't be posted.

it's located here