Topic: Problem with IE7 login

Just (yesterday) discovered punBB after dowbloading and testing 10+ other forum software.

pun is a great piece of software, which you other guys already know:)

I have a problem though:

I use punBB 1.2.21 in a Joomla wrapper (actually an Iframe, I think). The punBB lives on a different server than the Joomla installation.

What Joomla does is to wrap punBB in a page and display it quite nicely inside my Joomla design.

The url to punBB is similar to : http://myforumname.gotdns.com/punbb

If I enter the url directly in IE7 everthing works great, but when shown through Joomla the user cannot log in. It seem like a cookie thing.

Everyhing works great in Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera. No problem at all.

But in IE7 the user is "kicked out".

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Re: Problem with IE7 login

I think it has happened because of some errors in CSS style. Could you give us the link to your site?

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Re: Problem with IE7 login

I think it had something to do with base url settings. They were missing a "www".

Will test some more.

Thanks for your attention!