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Topic: forget password link problem

a user  complain to me about forget password.

when someone request forget password, she/he will receive a email that have a link and a password to login.

for example

Hello xxxxx,

You have requested to have a new password assigned to your account in the discussion forum at http://www,example.com. If you didn't request this or if you don't want to change your password you should just ignore this message. Only if you visit the activation page below will your password be changed.

Your new password is: NAyIbCF4

To change your password, please visit the following page:
http://www.example.net/profile.php?id=3 … y=Uvc26ecU

example Mailer
(Do not reply to this message)

so the problem is when someone click that link, it will show this message.

You do not have permission to access this page.

how can my users change his password if she/he can't visit that page to confirmation?
why this happen..did i wrong setting in admin control panel?

sorry for my english. big_smile

Re: forget password link problem

upload a new Profile.php:)

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Re: forget password link problem

^  u mean u want i replace my profile.php file? hmm

Edit : yes you right. but if i replace my code so many i need to change back because in profile.php has been modified by many mod.

anybody know how to fix this? here is my profile.php code.

Re: forget password link problem

help me neutral i want to know where the mistake.

Re: forget password link problem

This happens because of this lines in your "profile.php" (lines 39-41):

// mod: no guest view
if ($pun_user['is_guest'])
    message($lang_common['No permission']);

This piece of code means that guests have no access to profile.

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Re: forget password link problem

oh yes.. stupid me. i forget from where i got that code.
thanks slavok. problem solved big_smile