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Hello, I'm a beginner web designer from Russia. I have a site, although it is in Russian ... I want to make a lot of styles for punbb 1.2, and can then punbb 1.3. Rate my first design.
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And sorry for the mistakes, I'm not fluent in English. If you wrote the wrong section, sorry.

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Hope you make some designs for 1.3.x versions....!

btw: on your website ( there seems to be an image in left corner - it is only partially visible when looking at the webpage with chrome browser...

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Oh, thank you. Logo on the site I corrected.
Here's another for 1.2 version.

These styles can buy. Soon free styles do. Thanks again.

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your designs are nice, but a little girly for our theme. can you do something about portable gadgets?

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Thank you. Yes, I can make a style on any subject. But you can detail what you mean by portable gadgets?