Topic: Registration via Python

I've got an online game running via Python.   When users register in the game, I would like it to create a PunBB account with the same username and password.  Any Python programmers know what code I would use to create a PunBB account?  I'm especially thrown by the password hashing.

Re: Registration via Python

PunBB has 2 fields related to passwords: salt, password_hash. Salt is a random string which is used for password_hash generating. The salt is generated by "random_key" function (line 1070 of the "<FORUM_ROOT>/include/functions.php" file). The password hash is generated by "forum_hash" function (line 1114 of the "<FORUM_ROOT>/include/functions.php" file).


Re: Registration via Python

Don't suppose anyone's figured out a Python script to register a PunBB user since my last posting, have they?