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New extension pun_invitation_only has been released!
It allows to limit new registrations on your forum. New members can join only if they get an invitation letter from forum administrator or from users to whom administrator gives a permission to send invtations.

You can find more information about pun_invitation_only on the Wiki page.

Let us know if you find any bugs or if there are the ways this extension can be improved.

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This option is interesting, it would be good to indicate that user on your forum to invite more people to be registered through the, this way one could give a prize or a promotion

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in the function show_invitation_form  (functions.php of extension)

you have

    $forum_page['main_head'] = 'Invite new user';

that isn't set in /lang/ file english

EDIT: so

    $forum_page['main_head'] = $lang_inv_sys['Invite new user'];

is what it should be replaced with in functions.php


 'Invite new user' =>  'Invite new user';    

added to lang/english.php

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A feature request for this extension:

I've noticed that when an invitation is sent, there doesn't seem to be a way to personalise the email.

1. It might be good if instead of just 'Hello!' the invited persons email address was in greeting.

2. It could be usefull to add a personal message to the email being sent, for example a short message saying why the forum is recommended.

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It would be nice to be able to control invites on a user level, under management, and also to see who invites who.
One more thing, maybe show who the user got invited by under profile?

I also found a bug. If you click cancel, it sends the invite anyway. If there's no adress in the textbox, it sends it to the latest one.

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Two things:

The "Invitation" link replaces the "New Messages" link for Pun PM.

Maybe you should change the placement of that link and also change what the link says, like "Invite a new user" or something to that effect.

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Re: [extension release] pun_invitation_only

The specifyed email address is not the one to which we sent invitation letter

T^T Someone in my site have this problem. they use the same e-mail but it still show that message.

and I know that will happen when we use the filled the invitation e-mail like that BoomZLolicon@gmail.com it's will cause the problem

we have to use boomzlolicon@gmail.com and everything done !

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Re: [extension release] pun_invitation_only

Thank you all for bug reports and feature requests. The extension will be improved in the nearest future.

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Re: [extension release] pun_invitation_only

New version 1.0.1 of pun_invitation_only has been released.
The bugs mentioned in this topic were fixed. The next step will be to add features described here.

Let us know if you find more bugs or if there is anything else we can add to the functionality of the extension.

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Well I installed it, but in doing so it sets up the invitation link right where I can my "new messages" link for pm's. 

Anyone know a workaround for this?


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blackbookboard wrote:

Well I installed it, but in doing so it sets up the invitation link right where I can my "new messages" link for pm's. 
Anyone know a workaround for this?

Hello blackbookboard!
Right now we are finishing new version of pun_invitation_only. In this version invitation link will be moved to another position.


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Try new pun_invitation_only 1.2.0!
Here are the changes in comparison with the previous version:
- Now you can either use standart invitation template or write an invotation message on your own. If there is no text added by user on invitation page, standart template is used. In case user wants to compose an invitation letter on his own, this text will be used instead of standart template.
- Link to invitation page changed it's place.
- Information about a person by whom a user was invited and information about all the new members user invited himself have been added to user's profile.

Feel free to report bugs and request new features!

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Re: [extension release] pun_invitation_only

Finally, have been waiting for this release for a while now. Good job! Found one little typo so far in pun_invitation_only.php, under the invite page it says "New user's emil", easy to fix though. Thanks for an awesome extension, really appreciate the work you guys put in to this. smile

One thing though. Still missing a way to control each specific users invites under the Users och Management section. It would be nice to award specific users with invites, or vice versa.


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thx guys for this really good extension! i want to report a bug. when you are accessing the invite page and simple click the submit button without completing the email box, an invite letter will be sent to unknown adress.
also i want to ask how to make the invite and registration link look as the folder based url scheme? hope to get your help soon! Thx


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jordi, thank you for your feature request and bug report. We will take all this information into account and improve the extension soon.


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Pun_invitation_only 1.2.1 has been released.
In the previous version of the extension email adress field could be left empty when invitation form was submitted. This bug has been fixed.


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Hy guys i downloaded the latest punBB version but when i add this invite system to my extension folder i get the following errors when i go to extensions

IMPORTANT! The extensions listed below were found in the extensions folder but are not available for install or upgrade because the errors displayed below were detected.
Loading of extension "lang" failed.

Missing manifest.xml.

What should i do?