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Topic: Small BUG in register.php

In file register.php invalid working FORUM_PAGE type. It`s always set to FORUM_PAGE='rules' even selected register. On default css-style it`s no matter, but if you defined css for class .isactive for navlinks - you can see - when u on register page — rules link is active, not register link.

You can reproduce this bug on informer style or looking in generated html.

Tested again — now looking as not bug, just confused design.

For example in Russian punbb forum http://punbb.ru — i click register link, and go to rules page, but in browser addressbar see http://punbb.ru/register.html (and isactive rules in navlinks) — must be rules.html or something.

On this forum too — go to register, see rules, rules link isactive, but url in addressbar is http://punbb.informer.com/forums/register/ In this case isactive must be register, not rules link.

Re: Small BUG in register.php

Thanks for reporting this. We will fix this.