Topic: HELP!!!! My forum layout is having a fit!

Right here goes.

I have no idea why but my forum looks extremely bad on IE8. and a few issues in firefox as well.

Its very hard to describe but the web address is www.iroyton.com

Does anyone have any idea what to do to solve it?

I have replaced the main.tpl file with the origninal to see if it was something in that, I have disabled all extensions to see if its one of them, I have changed the text size to try that, I have also replaced all the oxygen style with the original to see if that could be it and i've also replaced the index.php file!

Any ideas guys!


Re: HELP!!!! My forum layout is having a fit!

Sorted now guys!

for anyone else who has this problem,

it was a problem in filezilla, although I uploaded the index.php file again, filezilla didn't do it oddly. I deleted the index.php file and uploaded it again.