Topic: Problem with Unistra theme

I have problem with unistra style, punbb 1.2
look like a problem


problem is the text which should stand at the beginning.
how to fix this problem?

Thanks in advanced

Re: Problem with Unistra theme

Simple .css issue...

Go over the text that is too far left, then right click and "inspect element" (if you're using google chrome) and find out which .css element is controlling it...

Then go to .css and increase margin-left for example...


Re: Problem with Unistra theme

This is code

            <div class="postright">
                <h3>Test tema</h3>

                <div class="postmsg">
                    <p>Ovo je test tema.<br /><br />Pozdrav <img src="img/smilies/big_smile.png" width="15" height="15" alt="big_smile" /></p>

Re: Problem with Unistra theme

What I don't quite understand, you've had this theme for ages surely.... and now suddenly you're having trouble with it???

Can you confirm that on your board the default style works as expected?

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Re: Problem with Unistra theme

No, this style I have set the forum soon.

On the default theme everything works nicely.


Re: Problem with Unistra theme

Here's how it seems that part of the css file

f necessary they can attach the entire css file and see where the problem is.