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Topic: Fancy Merge Posts

Extension automaticaly merge two posts from one user.
Have many options, may set options per groups.


fancy_merge_posts.tar.gz — 0.6.3


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Nice release. Cheers

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Thank you for this release.

Can you tell us what is the difference with the "Fancy Merge Posts 0.2" extension?


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Differences only in hooks that Fancy Merge share. It`m make sense only for developers who used this hooks. They must read source - it well commented.

In 0.2.8 release added feature for configure options "Do not update post date".

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Is there a new one version where I can set the order of the two merge thread?

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Why thread? Extensions merge posts, order by date.

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OK, well with thread a meant I topic.

There is a new topic that I want to move inside another topic that are more suited for this item.
The topic I want to move is right now only one post long.

When I try that, the topic I want to move, sets the name the old topic, but that I don't want to rename,
it's a more generic name.

Did I clear that out or just mess it up more tongue


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Please, update it into 1.4.

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Updated. Use version 0.6.3 - link in the first post.

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dimkalinux wrote:

Updated. Use version 0.6.3 - link in the first post.

maybe i find a bug or no with this ext:
after i post uptil max character n use post reply to continue my first post, the post in number two will be lost,.. T___T
#sorry my bad EN ..

sorry my BAD english T___T
Have a nice day >.<

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How to disallow moderators not to merge the messages? (= I want their messages are merged too)

g_merge_posts is set to 0 in databse for moderators group_id, but they can not to merge the messages.

Thank you.


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nice extension, but using 1.4.4 with sqlite, rss feeds gets messed up

rss feeds won't show up after installing this extension on 1.4.4 with sqlite?
any solution for this?