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Topic: Migrating to new hosting and domain troubles.

Yesterday i was migrating from one host and domain to another.
My steps were following :

1) dumped sql base
2) restored it @new location
3) copied files from one server to another
4) fixed all config.php and fix o_base_url @sql base and deleted cache *.php after that.

Everything went fine but when i opened main page i didn't see any forums exept one. Double checked administration/forums tab for visibility rights, they all were coppied correctly. And i know that all posts and forums are there, cause when i changed thier order in dministration/forums tab, the only showing forum switched.

Here is a picture of what's going on, you can see post and topics number so they are all there.


Info is following:

PunBB version
    PunBB 1.2.22 - Check for upgrade
    © Copyright 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 Rickard Andersson
Server load
    3.60 3.92 3.79 (2 users online)
    Operating system: Linux
    PHP: 5.2.17 - Show info
    Accelerator: N/A
    MySQL 5.1.52-log
    Rows: 1607336
    Size: 85.37 MB

Help pls  smile
And sorry for my poor english =\